5 Expert Graphic Design Tips That’ll Help Your Create Great Content

What? You didn’t go to graphic design school and you still want to create graphic designs?

Okay. That’s cool. Lots of great and talented graphic designers don’t have a formal education. The good news is we have all the tools and tips you need to be successful. And we’re willing to share them with you.

Do you need great content for your social media pages and website? Here are some expert graphic design tips that’ll help you get started.

Deliberate Color

What’s the first thing that grabs your attention when you see a good design? It’s probably the color. Choosing a great color is one of the first basics to awesome graphic design.

Not sure what colors to choose? Use a color finding palette. And if you already have a brand with designated colors, it’s always safe to stick to those.

To start: choose 1-3 primary colors, then an additional 1-3 secondary colors.

If you want to create a look that flows together, use different tones of the same color. If you want stark contrast, choose colors opposite each other on the color wheel.

Find Your Fonts

Choosing your font is hard. It can get pretty overwhelming when there are literally thousands of fonts to choose from.

Here are a few basic rules to follow:

  1. Serif fonts are better for print while sans serif is better for the web.
  2. Stick to simple fonts for better readability
  3. Stay true to your style. Rounded fonts feel more playful, with hard-edges fonts feel stronger.
  4. You only need two, maybe three fonts at the most.
  5. Stay consistent with your brand. Use the same fonts across all platforms.
  6. To create visual uniformity, use the same font family but change it up with bold or italic lettering.

Keep it Simple

You have 7 seconds to make a first impression. That means that your graphic design must grab attention quickly.

Our suggestion? To keep it simple. Before you start, make a very specific goal and stick to it. Make sure every element in your graphic design has a purpose and is helping you achieve your goal.

It can be easy to get overly excited when making new graphics. Remember, you don’t need to include every good idea. Just the few that will make your design pop. When you learn how to reduce the clutter, your designs will become have a bigger impact.

Watch Your Space

When it comes to graphic design, negative space is not a negative thing. Negative space, or white space, is a great way to make a word, element, or image stand out.

If you can find a way to contrast the background to the most important element in your design, it will attract more attention and convey your message loud and clear.

White space also allows space for the eye to rest. It makes the graphic easier to look at. Need some examples of how to use space effectively? Check out these poster templates.

Let Your Creativity Flow

Whether you think it or not, everyone has some creativity. Try tapping into that when creating your new graphic designs.

Use quotes, infographics, and themed days to get your creative juices flowing.

Keep a folder or mood board of designs that inspire you and pull from them. Try new styles, fonts, and images and see what works for you and your brand. Whatever you create, just be sure to put your own unique stamp on it.

Use Our Graphic Design Tips

Feeling overwhelmed? It’s okay! Getting comfortable at graphic design takes time, patience, and practice. But, with these graphic design tips, you can be sure to make some progress.

And be sure to check out our blog for all the latest digital trends.

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