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Free Photoshop E-Book : 25 Essential Photoshop Moves

25 Essential Photoshop Moves is a substantial (175 pages) full color ebook, packed with loads of useful information for beginners and advanced Photoshop users. The book containing tools, tips, techniques and tutorials is totally free for download.

Free Photoshop Book

The author has picked out 25 key tasks or tools that he would expect an experienced Photoshop user to know. These include selection techniques, shortcuts, time-saving tools, montage skills and practical applications of Photoshop that he himself uses daily in real life jobs. Large illustrations, step-by-step explanations and simple instructions will have you creating Photoshop art like a professional in no time.

What’s the catch ? How come it’s free ?

The book is free. All you have to do is subscribe to the author’s (Gary Crilley: The Electric Artist) newsletter and you will get the download link in your email in max 2 minutes.

You can also check out the author’s website for some interesting video tutorials.

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