Free Photoshop brushes – The Collection

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39 Responses

  1. Ronn says:

    You have a lovely blog I must say. And in particular this post is a designer’s dream, specially for people like me who are into logo designs. keep it up!

  2. Finaly something more useful. Thanks for brushes i am going to use them soon 🙂

  3. Best free photoshop brushes available till date!

  4. i’m building a quality brushes site.. and few of them here might be handy.


  5. This is a wonderful collection of free photoshop brushes that you have put in, some of them are new to me and I found this list very usefull.

  6. The curves created in the Foral Brushes, Suddenly Spring and Fantasy Swirls collections are gorgeous!

  7. Excellent Collection of brushes. I will use them as a background for printing purposes.
    Abstract brushes by Javier Zhx has solve my problem. Thanks

  8. I just launch BrushKing : A new collection of free Photoqhop Brushes.

  9. nice collection….
    you can check more photoshop brushes at

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  10. Great collection. These will go great with my new project. Thank you.

    My last blog post : Installing Virtual Server 2005 SP1 on Windows Vista

  11. Axe says:

    cool) thanks

  12. Web Designer says:

    Wow exactly what I needed, thanks very much

  13. Arrow SEO says:

    Wow! Great collection of brushes. Thanks heaps. Very useful!

  14. very thanks Great collection of brushes

  15. sundar says:

    very nice..! thnx.

  16. Awesome brushes for Photoshop.. particularly love the grunge brushes, amazing selection of brush ideas

  17. mark says:

    wow nice collecion

  18. سمير الشافعى says:

    موقع يستحق الشكر

  19. سمير الشافعى says:

    شاهدت فى هذا الموقع كل احتياجاتى

  20. Heron P. Manisan says:

    so cool brushes
    going 2 download it now thx

  21. ZeroCool says:

    How does one determine which brushes are compatible with Photoshop 7? 

  22. Alex Ionescu says:

    In some cases it’s mentioned which versions of Photoshop are supported. In case it’s not mentioned, the only way is by trying them out.

  23. Alex Ionescu says:

    You should go to the bushes’ designer website and contact them.

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