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Adobe Illustrator tutorial – Making a flower

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a flower using Adobe Illustrator. This is how it will look at the end.

1. The Paths. Create the basic paths for the flower using the pen tool.

2. The Petals. Apply the Gradient color. Select one of the petals and apply a linear gradient (using 3 colors as shown bellow) and select Multiply in Transparency pallete.

Select the other petals and using the Eyedropper tool click on the gradient petal to copy the fill. Adjust the gradient for each petal as needed.

3. The Filament. Make the filament using the pen tool. Apply a 3 color gradient with the colors you like and select Multiply in Transparency pallete.

Duplicate the filament for each petal. It should end up looking like the image bellow.

4. The Center. Use the Ellipse Tool, make a circle, fill it with Radial Gradient (as shown) and select Multiply in Transparency pallete.

5. The Final. Duplicate the flower and adjust the transparency as well as the size of the clones. You are finished. Enjoy.

CrazyLeaf Flower

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