Best Fan Art for Popular Programs That Was Made on Average PCs

For die-hard fan of TV shows, movies, superhero characters, and more, expressing themselves artistically is a way to express their love for those characters. Whether they write fan fiction, draw fan art, or make their own fan videos, evidence is found throughout the Web. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down, but here are some of the best fan art for popular TV programs and movies.

Doctor Who

If you haven’t heard of Doctor Who, head to Netflix now and catch yourself up (at least on the newest series that began in 2005). Don’t worry, I’ll wait . . .

(Whistling Doctor Who theme song)

Are you back? Now that you’re a fan of this epic show, you understand why it’s been popular for over 40 years. So let’s get to the fan art.

Doctor Who image 1

Image by nuriwan on DeviantArt

Doctor Who image 2

Image by Jb-612 on DeviantArt

Doctor Who image 3

Image by wynahiros on DeviantArt

Harry Potter

Another big category for fan art is naturally Harry Potter. Here are some of the best ones, featuring the beloved characters of Harry Potter (and sometimes not so beloved, depending on the subject).

Harry Potter image 1

Image by telesketch on DeviantArt

Harry Potter image 2

Image by hadesha on DeviantArt

Harry Potter image 3

Image by Gabbyd70 on Deviantart

The Simpsons

Considering The Simpsons has been on since December 17, 1989, it is easy to understand why the world would create a ton of fan art about the show. With 508 episodes, 23 seasons, and a cartoon cast of over a hundred well-known characters, The Simpsons is a show that gets plenty of love from fan art. Purchasing notebooks for designers may be a great tool to come up with your own designs.

The Simpsons image 1

Image by HikaruTajima1989 on Deviantart

The Simpsons image 2

Image by Lelpel on Deviantart

The Simpsons image 3

Image by Craig Stannard on Deviantart

Of course, these are only three shows that have inspired fan art. Whether a book, TV show, or movie, you’re likely to find fan art for it by those who love it.

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