Eco Style in Web Design from A to Z

Inspiration doesn’t ask when to come, inspiration is everywhere and especially in nature: trees, flowers, living beings and even ground under our foot. Web designers interpret nature in their own vision. They create fabulous eco-friendly designs with dynamic and loud colors, vivid images, striking effects, sound and video. These are unique websites driven by the beauty of organic world. Here are main peculiarities of the eco web design:

  • Natural Colors (green, yellow, blue, brown);
  • Textures (wood, leaves, flowers, water, sky, stone, etc.);
  • Images/Illustrations;
  • Simplicity and Lightness;
  • Fresh Look.

Colors are the most simple design tricks to bring a nature feel to the website. These are: green (the plants), yellow (the sun), blue (the water and sky), brown (the ground and tree trunks). It is interesting to know the psychological meaning of these colors, which are supposed to be so positive and pleasing:

  • Green is the color of harmony and balance. It also symbolizes growth, rebirth, and it is absolutely positive color to use.

Eco Style Green Home Design

  • Yellow means hope and happiness. It awakens optimism, and it makes this hue really powerful.

Lipton Website in Eco Style

  • Blue is a symbol of trust and honesty. It is sincere and quiet, reliable and responsible. A design i8n blue has a calming and trustworthy look, that’s for sure.

Eco Style Web Design in Blue

  • Brown signifies stability and support. It is a practical color and some pints of brown on a design will be just perfect

Green Building Web Design in Eco Style

These natural colors can create a reliable basis for a website design, and the blend of all these hues is a potent tool in making a website strong and reliable.

A key role in interface design goes to textures. These elements can change the tone of the website to a bit more serious, when solid wood textures are used. Still, floral textured designs can convey warm emotions. The variety of design techniques assist designers in their creative process. Thereby, the website can have a background texture, buttons or forms with textured designs or just any other page component can be decorated with lovely flowers or green leaves. Sky textured website will have a romantic, calming effect on users and such design is definitely good for religious websites. Water has a soothing effect on humans too, so this kind of texture can have a good influence on any kind of website design.

Salas Viglas Web Design in Eco Style

Lee Jeans Eco Style Website

Portfolio Website in Eco Style

Sky Textured Eco Style Web Design

Images of course are the best in demonstrating the beauty of natural landscapes, especially good they are on the background. Image style design is perfect for photographers, landscape design agencies, travel firms and anyone who wants his website to radiate sincere emotions. Plus, I would like to mention that cartoon illustrations are widely used in modern web design and eco style is usually well reflected on different-purpose websites.

Illustrative Website in Eco Style

Bancolombia Website Design in Eco Style

Eco-friendly Website Design

Simplicity and lightness are general terms according to eco-friendly website design. It can be realized in the overall design, or some parts of the functional base: menu, content, structure, buttons, etc. Nature is open to humans, as well as a website should be open to users.

Nestle Website in Eco Style

Fresh look means balance: it is better to apply 1 or 2 features of eco style design than use all of them and make the website overburdened. Nature helps us to reveal emotions, forget about troubles, breathe with fresh air and enjoy every moment we have. In its turn, an over cluttered website with tons of textures everywhere, loud-colored design and too many mountain and water pictures will cause you a problem: visitors will just run away and never be back. Freshness is easy to achieve when you harmonize each detail and put your soul into the design.

Eco-friendly Website in Green

Eco Style Web Design Portfolio

All these features allow designers to realize the most oustanding ideas in virtual reality and let users enjoy the awesomeness of environmentally friendly looks. We hope you have found enough information in this post to go further with your eco style design and make it truly magnificent. If you have your designs ready or you want something to discuss on the topic, please feel free to write a message in the comments field.

Written by Julia Blake

Julia Blake is an author of many articles on web design. She is translator by education and knows many foreign languages. In her spare time, she likes traveling a lot. Also, she is always sharing her experience with others, so follow her on Twitter.

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