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Increasingly Viable Technology Solutions

Today’s tech atmosphere has brought more opportunities to small businesses than at any time in recorded modern history. If you’re savvy to these new developments, you can save substantially while increasing your ability to produce. One of the most interesting areas where this is becoming possible is in the realm of mobile apps.


Mobile applications are everywhere today. From your smartphone to your tablet to your computer, there are any number of convenient programs designed for a specific purpose which can provide real opportunity. But what’s even more promising is the modern ability tech solutions give small businesses looking to design their own apps.

app-wallNo longer is your only avenue of design outsourcing through a tech company. With the advent of cloud computing technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), demand for solutions that can be essentially sourced “in-house” is higher than ever. To meet that demand, a number of companies have developed intuitive solutions.

Today it’s possible to design digital apps on your own terms with Zapable app development, which is a platform that, according to, “…has truly bridged the gap to allow anyone the opportunity to build a mobile app for their own business or their clients’ business.”


Platforms like this allow you to conceptualize and actualize application concepts. This can be very useful for your business directly as pertains to the mobile market. Everybody has a smartphone these days, and clients are more likely to use your services if they can be accessed on these mobile devices.


Marketing Possibilities Via Apps

Many businesses use a mobile marketing campaign that targets their particular market through search ads. Those who download apps based on smartphones will follow a prompt from a search ad in fifty percent of cases.


The apps you design don’t necessarily have to reflect the integral features of your business, either. You could have a daily weather app that includes advertisements for your services. The idea is to get potential customers continuously engaged with an application that ultimately directs them to the products and services of your business.


So the app could be a game, it could be something useful, or it could pertain directly to what you purvey on a daily basis. If you’re a realtor who has many clients that finance, you can create an interest calculator as a local app that’s advertised on search ads. If you’re a provider of auto care, you can put a “miles till service” calculator on an app.


The more addictive your app the better—obviously! Statistically, about 84% of time on smartphones is divided between the same five applications. Now that’s on a per-user basis. What this means is that the individual applications differ, but a given user is going to spend most of their time between about five of them, whatever they end up being.


Make Something Potential Clients Regularly Use

For your business, you want to design something people are going to want to use, and that they can use on a daily basis. You might get the rights to a cheap block-breaking game and pepper it with little ads that pertain to your company. A travel app is something that will be very useful, and all it needs to do is utilize an established site.


When you get down to it, the possibilities are endless. The only limits are your imagination. If you haven’t considered designing an application for your business yet, it may be something worth looking into. Modern tech innovation is expanding rather than contracting. It’s a lot easier to go with such tech flows than stand against them.

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