16 Best Design Agency Logos

The agency logo might be the most important. You are the team that is expected to have an amazing fresh design. Don’t mess this up! Below we have 16 of our favorite designs for agencies. There are so many designs that it was hard to choose our top 16. Let us know any that we may have missed in the comments section!

1. Brush Pens

Different sized pen Design

This is a photo of a design logo that has different sized brush pens, and room up above for an agency name.

Designed by Martin David.


2. Eye Design

Eye in circle Logo

This is a photo of a circular design logo with a blue eye in the center and an orange circle around it.

Designed by Paul Saksin.


3. Mighty Pencil

Hand holding a pencil

This is a photo of a red design logo that has a fist clenching a pencil and stars surrounding it.

Designed by Kemal Sanli.


4. Paint Logo

Yellow paint logo

This is a photo of a creative design logo where the letter ‘P’ is also a paint roller.

Designed by Paulius Kairevicius.


5. Bubbly Design

Bubbles forming Head

This is a photo of a design logo that features orange bubbles which form a person’s head.

Designed by Bill S Kenney.


6. Floating Hexagon

Hexagon in Water logo

This is a photo of a logo that has a floating black hexagon in the center and the design agency’s name underneath.

Designed by Louis Ansa.


7. Pen & Quill

Quill and Ink design

This is a photo of a pen & quill logo, set in a white and navy blue color scheme.

Designed by Ben Stafford.


8. Blue Design

Blue Abstract logo

This is a photo of a design logo that consists of a blue, abstract, and wavy object.

Designed by George Bokhua.


9. Spherical

Orange sphere logo

This is a photo of a design logo that features an interesting looking, orange sphere with sections cut out of it.

Designed by Yoga Perdana.


10. Initial Design

Initial with paint drop

This is a photo of an elegant design logo with a simple ‘M’ initial and a paint drop hanging from it.

Designed by Justina Valuzyte.


11. Polar  Logo

Polar bear logo

This is a photo of a simple design logo with a white polar bear in the center and a sky blue background. If you like this blue polar bear than you will love our favorite 57 bear logo design ideas.

Designed by George Bokhua.


12. Pen and Banner Design

Pen with banner

This is a photo of a design logo that has a pen tip in the center, with an empty banner underneath.

Designed by Marco.


13. Geometric Unicorn

Colorful geometric unicorn

This is a photo of a unicorn designed logo that has a multitude of colors and is composed geometrically.

Designed by Paul Saksin.


14. Hexagon Logo

Hexagon Hive Logo

This is a photo of a design logo that features a colorful hexagon, with the company name on the side.

Designed by TIE A TIE.


15. Triangle Design

Green shapes design

This is a photo of various colored triangles that form an ‘A’ logo in the center, with the company name to the right.

Designed by Alex Tass.


16. Pen with Wings

pen with wings logo

This is a photo of a design logo which combines a hand and a wing, that’s holding a pencil.

Designed by Breno Bitencourt.

Written by Joshua Soukup


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