Daily Freebie: An Elegant Font Fit for a King – Fenix

Today’s daily freebie comes from TipoType—a group of type designers who call Uruguay home. Simple yet elegant, the Fenix font clearly attracts attention from large sizes and produces a dynamic rhythm in smaller scales.

With the goal of distributing “contemporary typefaces while creating a platform that allows type designers to easily commercialize their work,” TipoType has since created numerous fonts that demonstrate their unique personalities while encouraging others to express their creativity.

Fenix is one of the group’s simpler fonts. Based in calligraphy, the Fenix font features strong serifs and rough strokes. The proportions used for it seek space both in height and width, consequently making it easy to read, regardless of size.

Check out TipoType’s font collection or download the desktop version via the link below.


Fenix Font

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