Create Heartwarming Holiday Videos for free 2021

Do you want to create a holiday video? Do you want to make your videos heart touching or heartwarming with editing skills also for free? Creating a perfect holiday video can be beneficial for your video marketing site. Let’s take a look at the article, which can help your video create and edit idea research. The report will give you a thought about “how to create a holiday video”. We will discuss the high-quality video making and editing tips and tools for free in the article.

Tips about holiday video creation

Holiday Video making can be an easy option for you though you are a beginner on this site. As 88 percent of marketers are thinking of using video for the holiday season, you need to know the perfect holiday video’s key elements. So, here are some tips about holiday video making-

  1. Shoot the video from the right angle so that your video looks perfect and your device can capture the view correctly. 
  2. You can use your company name or brand name in your video for marketing or brand promotional video. You can add a video clip of your office room in your holiday video, like how the office is being prepared to celebrate the holiday.
  3. Edit your holiday video-; after capturing the video, you need to edit, personalize or modify the video. You can add quick movement, transitions, filters to capture attention and use text in your video. You should not overuse red and green in your video. 
  4. There are so many software and tools online that will help you to customize your holiday video. You can use canvas or background filters, themes, templates, music effects, and color effects. You can also add text and title, trim, and split your video using some free online tools.

Video editing tools

There are many tools that provide you the option to create and personalize your video for free. You can create a unique and enjoyable video with these tools. Here are some tools-


The Animaker is a free holiday video-making tool. You can create a high-quality holiday video by using the tool. 

Features of Animaker:

  • Templates: it provides you dozens of eye-catchy templates and 30000+ assets to make your holiday video as you want. You can choose a blank canvas or colorful template from its template library.
  • Sound effects and Music tracks: it has 100+ music tracks to make your holiday video editing easier. The music effect will make your video perfect. You can select any music track related to your video and can make a magical-looking and adorable video in a few clicks.
  • Filters and characters: you can use filter effect and characters of your choice in your holiday video. You can also add pictures or photographs, themes, and fonts to your video with this tool. These features will help you to make a good-looking holiday video.
  • Share the holiday video: after creating and customizing the video, you can download or save the video on your device and share the holiday video to your nearest one through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms.



You can create holiday videos with this Vimeo tool. You can also customize your holiday video of your choice in a short time with this online tool.   

Features of Vimeo

  • Video templates: you can start creating or editing videos by choosing a festive holiday video template from Vimeo’s free holiday video maker. It provides you hundreds of templates. 
  • Image library: you can personalize your holiday video by adding images from its unlimited stock library. You can also upload and add your video clips and photos to your holiday video.
  • Various editing options: this tool provides you the essential features like- add text and title, transitions, music effect, filter, and other elements to create a unique holiday video. 
  • Save and share your video: once you have completed video making and customizing, you can save your video on your pc, mobile, or device and share it directly with your audience on social media platforms.



Lumen5 creates an eye-catching and impactful video from your provided content. So, you can make your holiday video in some easy steps with this tool.

Features of Lumen5

  • The Lumen5 media library provides you the opportunity to use millions of photographs, audio files, and video clips, so you have the fun elements you want to make the perfect video.
  • With its voiceover feature, you can record and add your own voice to your video. Also, you can edit your video with themes, fonts, colors, and more.

Promote Your Holiday Video

Most of the marketers are planning to use holiday videos for their brand promotion. This is an excellent way to reach the targeted audience. Some media to promote your holiday video_

  • Social Media platforms: social media platforms are the best way to gain video viewers and rates. Post your video on every social media including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, etc. 
  • Paid Advertising medium: promoting your holiday video through paid ads can be helpful to increase your brand or company awareness. 

Creating a video has become an easy and less time-consuming process because of the video maker tools. And a perfect holiday video is a great way to attract customers to the business. 

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