9 Best Political Logos For Campaigns

Coming off a crazy election cycle I know the last thing most people want to do is talk about politics. But today we have 9 great political logos for you. It seems like every time the campaign is started I see 10 logo articles about how bad that campaign is. We’ll hopefully these will help any politician in their next run for office. Only because you’re running a small campaign doesn’t mean you have to have a terrible logo. Just find a great local logo designer who believes in your policies. The logos here all and still a sense of patriotism. Some of them are clearly better than others, and I think it does a good job of showing the contrast of how to use political elements in a design. My favorite logos include number 6 which is for Robert Ruiz. The best logos in the bunch are numbers one two and three number one is very friendly and clearly American and patriotic. It makes it feel like Benjamin is the correct candidate for this race. Part of this is done because the font is so unique and does not feel corporate or stuffy. the designer has done a great job creating a logo for a local campaign.

1. City Council

Political logo with banner

This is a photo of a campaign logo that has a banner theme with red and blue colors.

Designed by Mike Jones.


2. Triangular Logo

Triangular democratic logo

This is a photo of a ‘Washington State Democrats’ logo that features a triangular design with blue and gold colors.

Designed by Marissa Chapman.


3. Liberty Bell Design

Liberty bell design

This is a photo of a simple campaign logo that is composed of the liberty bell with candidate names underneath.

Designed by Josh Schott.


4. Capitol Building Logo

Government building design

This is a photo of a campaign logo that includes a big white capitol building with large text underneath it.

Designed by DJ Ramirez.


5. Senate Campaign

Zach for Senate logo

This is a photo of a large, bold Senate campaign sign with red and blue colors.

Designed by Sydney Wilson.


6. Military Campaign Logo

Military candidate campaign logo

This is a photo of a military campaign logo featuring a military rank emblem and large text.

Designed by Gerald Flores.


7. Governor Campaign

Wisconsin governor logo

This is a photo of a Governor campaign sign that has the shape of Wisconsin in the middle and candidate name on either side of it.

Designed by Wilde Eye Creative.


8. Red, White, & Blue

American Flag campaign

This is a photo of a campaign logo with an American flag theme.

Designed by Graham Fisher.


9. Informative Campaign Logo

Typography campaign design

This is a photo of a campaign logo that has an informative design, including the candidate’s web address.

Designed by Mike Davis.


Written by Joshua Soukup

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