12 Beautiful Roof Logos [Inspiration]

This logo design Roundup is kind of surprising but today we have 12 beautiful Roof logo designs.These designs would work great for any company which does construction or Roofing. Now this seems like an industry that would have really boring logos but I’m really impressed with the quality of logos which we have been able to find across the web. Image number 3 has a beautiful geometric shape and terrific typography. It is designed by Tony Hardy.  I also am a big fan of image number 5 which has a flat Blue Roof. They have done a great job of incorporating the D, and B, in with the side of the roof with the chimney.

1. Teal Roof Logo

Three blue roofs logo

This is a photo of a roof logo that includes three teal roofs that increase in height.

Designed by Vic Steinman.


2. Classic Roof Design

Red roofing logo

This is a photo of a classic roof logo with a black chimney and company name underneath.

Designed by Dieter De Weirdt.


3. Geometric Roof

Geometric roof logo

This is a photo of an orange roof logo that’s made out of different sized triangles.

Designed by Tony Hardy.


4. Unique Roof Design

Unique roof design

This is a photo of a roof logo that has tall building standing under it and a blue color scheme.

Designed by Nichola Potvin.


5. Blue Roof Logo

Dawson Boyer roof design

This is a photo of a simple blue roof with the company name to the right.

Designed by Robb Major.


6. Black Rooftop

Black roof logo

This is a photo of a black house with a black rooftop that has an ‘E’ cut out of it.

This logo is a little bit concerning as it reminds me of the Enron logo. But I understand with the designer was going for the E is created out of the house being constructed.

Designed by Mike Townson.


7. Tip Top Roofing

Blue and gold rooftop

This is a photo of a roof logo that has two gold colored ‘T’s and the company name underneath.

Designed by David Leininger.


8. Red Roof Logo

Multiple red roofs

This is a photo of three simple, red roofs with a white background.

Designed by Barbara Borko.


9. Greenhouse

Green roof logo

This is a photo of a green house with a green roof and white background.

Designed by Fariz Suleiman.


10. ‘A’ Roof

Red 'A' roof logo

This is a photo of a red roof logo that has an ‘A’ shape with a shadow behind it.

This red logo has a little bit of perspective shift as it uses a shadow to create a strange effect.

Designed by Dick Blacker.


11. True Green Roof Design

True green roofing solutions

This is a photo of a roofing logo that features a green roof made from two rectangles and text underneath.

Designed by Elijah Dexter Lyons.


12. Double Rooftops

Double roof logo

This is a photo of two pastel colored rooftops that combine to form the letter ‘M’.

The double roof is one of my favorite roof logos because the overlap of the roof looks like a ribbon. This keeps a very modern-looking feel to the design. The only part which I’m not a huge fan of is the knot in the logo on the left hand side of the prominent green upward-facing line. I’m curious if it is supposed to be a chimney.

Designed by Reghardt Grobbelaar.

Written by Joshua Soukup


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