12 Precise Architecture Logo Ideas For Architectural Firms

Today we have 12 beautifully precise architectural logo designs for your inspiration. These images come from across the web and will help you with your next project. Some of them have an old-world feel like number 5 which has the imagery of pillars. Some of them are a lot more contemporary like number 7 which uses a artist compass. Some of the logos feature flat an illustrative design with logo number 10 having a color palette that is very close to what you would expect to see in material design. One of my favorite logo designs is number 11 with a flat simply drawn house. It looks contemporary and is really beautiful. The only thing I would worry about is how this image works on a small scale. A good test for this is to squint your eyes and you will notice that it is hard to make out the individual shapes.

1. Pyramid Design

Colorful pyramid logo

This is a photo of a colorful pyramid logo made up of several rectangles with the company name ‘Arkitekt’ underneath it.

Designed by Dalius Stuoka.


2. Floating House

House lifted by balloons

This is a photo of a house without a roof being carried away by three blue balloons.

Designed by Michael Spitz.


3. Brick Logo

Brick architectural book

This is a photo of an architectural logo featuring an open book made from a brick design.

Designed by Veronique Zayas.


4. Castle Design

Castle architectural logo

This is a photo of a basically designed castle with the architecture company name to the right.

Designed by Yuri Krasnoshchok.


5. Pillars Logo

Pillars architecture logo

This is a photo of an architecture logo with a pillar design and text underneath.

Designed by Logoflow.


6. Balloon Architecture Design

Blue balloon logo

This is a photo of a blue balloon that has a window built into it and a house shape in the upper left-hand corner.

Designed by Michael Spitz.


7. Architect’s Compass

Black 'A' design

This is a photo of a black architect’s compass that forms an ‘A’ shape.

Designed by Jason Feltz.


8. Eleven Architects

Eleven architects logo

This is a photo of an architectural logo with an ‘E’ design and a grey-scale color scheme.

Designed by Newrooera.


9. Yellow Home Design

Yellow architect logo

This is a photo of a yellow architecture logo with a black house inside of a black box.

Designed by Anton Akhmatov.


10. City Book Logo

Book buildings logo

This is a photo of an architectural design that includes three multi-colored books which also look like high-rise buildings.

Designed by Mauro Bertolino.


11. Flat House

Mid-century house logo

This is a photo of a simply drawn, flat house with a light blue background.

Designed by Steve Wolf.


12. 3D House Logo

Blue house nucleus logo

This is a photo of an architecture logo with a 3D design to it and two brown rings around it.

Designed by TIE A TIE.

Written by Joshua Soukup


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