The Beauty of Eyes, Human and Animal Eye Photography

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well in this case quite literally as we are showcasing some amazing examples of animal eye photography and human eye photography.

This field of photography is quite unexplored. I myself, this is the first time I have seen anything like this showcase, but I have to say it’s quite spectacular.

Seeing all the different animal’s eyes different shapes and colors, especially in the iris area is quite refreshing and inspiring.

The Photographer

The talent behind these photos is Suren Manvelyan. Born in 1976, Suren started to photograph when he was sixteen and became a professional photographer in 2006.  His photographic interests span from Macro to Portraits, Creative photo projects, Landscape, and much more. Suren’s photos have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers in Armenia and worldwide. You can find Suren on his website.

Animal Eye Photography

Blue crayfish eye photo

Blue Crayfish

Blue yellow macaw parrot eye photo

Blue-Yellow Macaw Parrot

Caiman eye photo


Chimpanzee eye photo


Coral zebra fish eye photo

Coral Zebra Fish

Discus fish eye photo

Discus Fish

Guinea pig eye photo

Guinea Pig

Horse eye photo


Hyena eye photo


Lama eye photo


Lark eye photo


Lemur Catta eye photo

Lemur Catta

Nylus crocodile eye photo

Nylus Crocodile

Siam cat eye photo

Siam Cat

Snail eye photo


Sterlet eye photo


Tiger python (albino) eye photo

Tiger Python (albino)

Human Eye Photography

Human eye photo

Human eye photo

Human eye photo

Human eye photo

Human eye photo

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