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Adobe Stock vs. ShutterStock [3 Graphs That Show Who’s Best]

Will Adobe Stock overtake ShutterStock? This was a great question asked on Quora. I wanted to post some of the data that I found from Google Trends to help dissect this question.

Since these companies do not publish a ton of data that allows us to compare how they are doing this is a back of the napkin calculation.

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Google Trends is a service that tracks general search interest over time. This allows us to track two brands and see how they do over time. Adobe Stock is a new entrant to the stock photography market. Due to this we see their trend starting at 0.


Growth of Adobe Stock

Since launch Adobe Stock has been one of the best stock solutions. You can see this by their graph as it really starts to take off at their launch in mid-2015.

Shutterstock Interest Over Time

Shutterstock is a long time player in the stock world. They offer royalty free images for a premium cost.  This graph makes it look like Adobe has already caught up. Google Trends makes each graph out of 100. You have to add two terms before you can compare. Check ou the next graph.


Shutterstock Vs. Adobe Stock

Okay here is the real test. You can see the interest in Adobe Stock is much less than that of Shutterstock. But they are growing! Shutterstock should look out. Adobe offers a less expensive plan and really attractive offer. You can download 10 Images for Free [no payment required]. Just cancel your plan before the end of the month.

adobe stock vs shutterstock

Let us know what you think will happen! Do you have a favorite stock service?

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