Featured Work: A Calm Terror by Antti Viitala

Today’s featured work comes from Antti Viitala, a truly ballsy photographer from Finland who has braved the waters of Gaansbaai, a town in South Africa for a closer look at its popular great white sharks.

Since JAWS, sharks have always had a fierce reputation—a frightening creature that humans ought to avoid, lest they want to meet their maker. However, what most people aren’t aware is that there are some species of sharks that prefer not to have human meat. The great white sharks are one of them.

Riddled with scars from hunts and perhaps battles with its own natural predators, the shark that Antti has captured in his photos exude an aura of magnificence. Swimming calmly with schools of fishes, it appears like a royal walking alongside commoners.

If you want to see more photos of this awesome creature, visit Antti Viitala’s Behance page.

Featured Work: Ghastly Terrifying Great White by Antti Viitala

Featured Work: Ghastly Terrifying Great White by Antti Viitala 2

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