Work on the Go: 9 Amazing Graphic Design Apps to Download

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As a graphic design professional, you know how important it is to have the right design tools at your disposal. You need the best software solutions that enable you to create dynamic compositions so you can produce the best work.

In 2019 there are more apps you can download for your smartphone or tablet than ever before. This makes it easier to do your work from any location.

In this post, we present you with the best collection of graphic design apps for download. So whenever the inspiration strikes, you’ll be ready to capture the moment before it’s gone–whether you’re at the office, at home or on the go.

Without further delay, here are the most amazing graphic design apps on the market in 2019.

Here are nine must-have graphic design apps. Download them on your smartphone or tablet.

1. Adobe Photo Touch

Now you can access Adobe Photo Touch’s core features on your iPhone that were only available in the desktop version up until now.  This Photoshop app allows you to master layers, selection tools, filters, adjustments and text in graphics.

The app also enables you to merge photos and work with Refine Edge. Use the Camera Fill feature with your smartphone camera.

Store up to two gigabytes of data with a free Creative Cloud subscription. Sync content between devices and share your designs with clients or your team.

Additional features come with Android and the iPad versions for $10.00

2. Vector Snap

You know how long working with vectors can take. Well, this app cuts down the time for graphic designers in a big way. When you need a particular vector, just snap a photo. Vector Snap will transform it into a vector image in a flash.

The free app Vector Snap traces images to an SVG format that can also be saved as a PNG file. Other features to alter your designs include pixel and vector filters, advanced color lab, and the app’s text tool.

Work with Vector Snap on-the-go or save and edit your designs on your desktop later. Free. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

3. Adobe Ideas

This free app from Adobe is the perfect companion to Illustrator. If you have a Creative Cloud membership, you can sync your ideas with your Illustrator program to work on later.

Or sync your saved color themes created in Kuhler. Features of this app include color sliders, several brushes, and a 10-layer capacity workspace.

You can also resize and move images with Adobe Ideas. Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

4. Adobe Kuhler

Like Adobe Ideas, the Adobe Kuhler app is also free. It can be downloaded on an iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

See a color in your environment that moves you? Just snap a photo and integrate it into the Kuhler app. Watch it extract the colors before your eyes!

It’s simple to save your color themes. Use them in your creations in the future. Available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

5. RapidWeaver 8

The RapidWeaver web design app makes managing assets and accessing photos much easier. The device simulator feature allows you to preview your website on a variety of devices, including the iPad Pro, iMac, and iPhone just to name a few.

Search and access photos from Unsplash Integration, one of the internet’s largest collections of royalty-free images.

The app’s web icon generator allows graphic designers to drag and drop your favorite favicon format, including Safari pinned tabs.

This graphic design app comes with five new attractive, customizable, and responsive themes made by Realmac. To add, the new resources manager makes it simpler to manage folder and files.

The app also enables you to edit files with its .htaccess editor. And the open graph support feature provides better support for social graph tags.

The license covers five devices. So it can be used by other team members. Runs on macOS $99.

6. Typecast

Typecast is a graphic design app that allows designers to create compositions with a plethora of fonts. You get access to 23,000 web fonts from Adobe Type Kit, MyFonts, and as well as many others.

You can view how fonts appear by testing the HTML/CSS on different devices. Line spacing, line height, and letter spacing get improved by the apps visual controls.

The Typecast app also lets designers create style guides. Free trial. The pay version is currently around $13.00 for a monthly subscription.

7. Adobe Photo Sketch

With Adobe Photo Sketch, you can design anywhere or anytime. The app contains a wide array of brushes, pens, pencils, and markers.

Import brushes for added blending and textures. You can send your work to Photoshop for fine-tuning when you return to the office. Your work can also be shared on the Behance Network.

8. Font Candy

This app is one of the greatest typography apps for the iPhone. It has the ability to overlay your captions on top of photos. You can select from a wide variety of fonts. The built-in camera with timer makes it easy to take snapshots.

This app brings your photos to life. When you’re done, it’s easy to share your photos on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

9. Filmic Pro

Better than Apple’s camera app, Filmic Pro enables you to set the exposure and focus of the HD video camera separately. With Filmic, you can lock focus, white balance and exposure individually while you’re on the move.

Here are some of Filmic Pro’s great features:

  • Variety of frame rates
  • Audio support
  • Motion FX
  • 50 Mbps image quality settings

These capabilities take your HD video to the next level. They go way beyond your iPhone’s default camera.

The Takeaway on the Best Graphic Design Apps for Inspiration

These nine graphic design apps are a must for serious graphic designers. They’re easy to download and access when creativity comes knocking.

Looking for more design inspiration? You can find it right here on our blog.

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