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5 Signs You Need to Improve Your Website Design

Each day, billions of people log onto the internet to browse, post, watch and engage.


Yet most people only see a fraction of everything the web has to offer.


What’s the reason behind undiscoverable, ghost-town-like sites?


Namely, poor web design or a lack thereof. Here are five signs you need to improve your website design to get the traffic your site deserves.

1) You Don’t Have a Website At All

Having no website is easily the biggest website design fail of them all.


Yet a shocking number of entrepreneurs and small businesses stick to social media, foregoing a website entirely.


This is a huge mistake.


Every brand, no matter how big or small needs its own website. A website is how the vast majority of audiences discover a brand.


If you don’t have a dedicated site, you’re losing out on thousands of eyeballs, and therefore, thousands of dollars.

2) High Bounce Rate

Maybe you do have a website, though. Perhaps you think it looks great, yet people seem to only visit one page of your site, then leave.


This phenomenon is known as a bounce and can cost businesses dearly.


If a site is experiencing a high bounce rate, there may be navigation or design issues on other pages.


Delve into your analytic tools and see what pages your audiences visit the most. Then, look at the least visited site and analyze its design.

3) Traffic is Low

On the other hand, many websites struggle to draw an audience at all.


Poor traffic is one of the biggest indicators of bad website design and requires immediate action.


If you leave a badly designed site as-is, you’re more likely to suffer a penalty from Google. Your site’s ranking may be lowered or could be de-indexed entirely.

4) Your Site Isn’t SEO-Tailored

Search engine optimization is one of the primary factors that determine where and why your site ranks on a search engine.


If your site wasn’t designed with SEO in mind, you may need to make some changes.


Consider adding relevant keywords, revising copy, and populating your site with more original content.

5) It Doesn’t Feel Cohesive

Imagine browsing a web page with a fairly simple design. Maybe it has a few colors, but it isn’t anything fancy.


Now, imagine clicking on another page of that same site only to get a completely different design.


It’d immediately take you out of the experience.


A well-designed site needs a clear, cohesive design throughout. If a user notices design changes, it’s a telltale sign of a poorly designed website.

Avoid These Website Design Mistakes

If you’re guilty of any of these five website design flaws, don’t feel bad. Every site could benefit from improvement in some capacity. What’s important is that you make those changes and create a site you can be proud of.


If you’re looking for more information on creating a great site, be sure to look into our great tutorials and resources. We have hundreds of articles and tools that can help you improve your site.

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