5 Color Generator Sites to Scheme up Killer Color Combinations

Periwinkle and lilac? Pink and teal? How about Cobalt Blue and Mustard Yellow?

Colors. Or rather color combinations.

Yes, you’ve heard this before, colors combos will make or break your design.

As designers, picking out the correct color combo is yet another skill a good design requires. Be it the CTA button, image border, or even image hue, striking the correct color balance that gels EVERYTHING together is not an easy feat.

Making it tougher is getting a client that already has strict branding rules or corporate colors. Add too much, our focus goes astray. Too little and they’ll say we haven’t done much.

To help you achieve that killer color combo your client will die for (no pun intended), we’ve collected 5 color generator sites. Each site is unique and caters for every type of designer and/or graphic artists.

Here’s the breakdown.


color scheme generator sites

Visually stunning as well as intuitive, you can change colors and alternate selections using your spacebar. Pretty neat for quick identifying and color matching. See more here


color generator sites

With more features, Paletton’s color wheel allows you to generate color schemes before you get down to design. I like the preview feature and examples that help you find the perfect balance. Check it out


color generator sites

As a color engine, you can discover all sorts of combos on Colrd via pictures. See if the most popular colors from users, try out different palettes, gradients, and patterns from the their database.


color generator sites

While not technically a site, Color zilla is still one of the most useful color tools. It’s a color picker, an eyedropper, and gradient generator  rolled into one. Check it out

Color Explorer

color generator sites

As the most elaborate of color tools, Color Explorer is great for creating, managing and evaluating color palettes in your designs. It’s gotten great reviews from designers although i personally haven’t tried them out yet.

Have you?Let us know in the comments!

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