5 Beautiful New WordPress Themes

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80 Responses

  1. CMS Themes says:

    Damn, those are beautiful!
    I just listed 2 of them on http://www.cmstheme.net

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Oliver Blake says:

    These are some really nice themes. I’ve been looking for some themes to start my own blog and I might be tempted to use one of these. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. woow….. it’s very beautifulll..

  4. Great new themes. Thanks for sharing
    See more themes WP: http://tr.im/iBB2

  5. Hemant says:


    These themes are very beautiful , I am thinking on using it on my professional blog . Most of Professional Website want 1 column themes , so try to make more of them.

  6. superha says:

    thanks.is very beautiful!

  7. antonio says:

    Very Thanks, it’s wonderful

  8. Very cool – bravo !

  9. these are a great selection of new and elegant themes for wordpress 😀 I’m thinking of using one for my cousin’s blog. 🙂

  10. Johnson Koh says:

    Really beautiful and of high quality!
    Love the Watercolor Theme most. Thanks Alex and TemplateLite!

  11. I love graphical blog designs! These are amazing and serve as great inspiration.

  12. lksmth says:

    nice graphics design.

  13. Thanks fot sharing this beautiful resouce with us

  14. Thanks for sharing this beautiful resouce with us.

  15. Great Themes and good innovation. Thanks for the post!!! If you people need services from Web Designers, please post your request on Mineeds.com and providers will post their bids on your needs.

  16. eshraqa says:

    Very nice.. Thank you very much

  17. Anika says:

    I love te colours and lay out of your blog, i really want to get hold of this theme, what are you using?

  18. Alex says:

    Anika, the theme we have on our blog is designed by us.

  19. Only high quality wordpress designs. Very nice! 🙂

  20. beautiful designs… the 1st one is grate thanks

  21. jeyaganesh says:

    give also some woody themes.. thanks in advance

  22. Alex says:

    @jeyaganesh … we’ll try to provide some woody themes in the future.

  23. Sam says:

    Hi Alex, great set of new themes, I love the design work.

  24. Kaplang says:

    really nice designs, thanks for sharing 🙂

  25. Brian says:

    @Alex, I have this woody theme that you can consider listing on your site adopting the same partnership method.

    And thanks to all of you for appreciating my design 😀

  26. Alex says:

    Hey Brian,

    Just sent you an email. Looking forward to collaborate again.

  27. Psd to html says:

    these themes are very creative.. keep posting

  28. DaveJuno says:

    Great templates, thanks guys

  29. Nikki says:

    how to install this theme in my blog site?

  30. Alex says:

    Hey, Nikki. You will find a detailed tutorial regarding WordPress themes here : http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes

  31. Nurdin says:

    Really nice and wonderful themes. You are doing great, thanks a lot.

  32. victoria says:

    I love the red light theme that is really nice and a top candidate for my blog when I refresh it

  33. Klara says:

    Hey! Beautiful themes!
    I downloaded the Watercolor theme but I how do I put it onto my wordpress blog as a theme??
    Thanks need 2 know! ^_^

  34. bluemontoya says:

    Excellent themes! Might try one of them, thanks!

  35. WPbud says:

    Loved them.
    Truly Beautiful themes

  36. aBlogz says:

    Great collection


  37. Huuoze says:

    Thank… Beautiful themes…

  38. Dondi says:

    Thanks… Good themes

  39. m£iSAM says:

    Wow, the Watercolor Theme is great!
    I realy like it!

  40. oyun indir says:

    thanx for you admin

  41. Kerabat says:

    Those themes are so beautiful and ready to use. Thank you for your creative and hard working! I’m trying to get and use one of them for our blog: http://ratuhatiku.co.cc.

  42. teknoloji says:

    thanks for themes

  43. good themes, thanks…

  44. billy says:

    Really nice themes indeed !

  45. ne web says:

    Nice themes, thanks!

    The Red Light theme looks handy.

  46. rave says:

    Thanks very much.. it;s really2 nice themes..

  47. ayushi says:

    thanks for posting wordpress themes its very nice specialy 4th red theme is very nice .

    keep posting …………

  48. Rhonda B says:

    These are beautiful! My favorite themes are Coffee Desk and Photo Frame.

  49. loga says:

    nice themes great efforts specially that photo gallery theme is very nice keep sharing

  50. Vasim says:

    yes…these themes r really nice 🙂

    keep up

  51. fofofff says:

    Nice but… do you have more of unusual theme?:D

  52. Chrissabu007 says:


  53. David Joseph says:

    Thanks for sharing download links. It really helps us to build a blog

  54. Krystal says:

    After you downloaded it, what do you do to activate the theme?

  55. Alex Ionescu says:

    On this page you will find everything you need to know about WordPress themes : http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes

  56. June says:

    ALL themes are very cute, I like it! >_<
    thanks for download.

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