4 Tips to Optimize a Web Design for Video Content

Do you intend to start publishing video content on your website in the hopes of attracting more visitors and engaging them? While it is true that videos certainly have a lot of potential on both those fronts, if you’re hoping to get the most out of your videos it is important that your web design is optimized for them.

In a nutshell your web design should be engineered so that takes into account the nature of videos and plays to their strengths. Admittedly there are many different ways in which that can be done, but these four tips should provide you with a good place to start:

Web Design for Video Content

Position video content prominently on any webpage

It is important to place video content prominent on a webpage so that it is one of the first things visitors see. Considering one of the benefits of videos is its ability to attract attention and interest viewers, providing it that prominence should help to engage more visitors right from the get go.

Use a mobile-friendly design

With every passing year a greater percentage of online traffic consists of users on mobile devices – and that is something that you should take into account with a mobile-friendly design. As far as video content is concerned it is often best to use a responsive design that will be optimized for smaller screen sizes and yet still give your videos the prominence that you want them to have.

Be wary of clutter

All too often adding video content to a website can give it a cluttered appearance. That is especially the case if your web design has a lot of varied elements, or if it has a particularly ‘busy’ background. As a rule of thumb you should try to minimize any potential distractions and adopt a cleaner and less cluttered design.

Use click-to-play instead of auto-play

The two systems normally used for web content are either click-to-play or auto-play. In most cases you should opt for the former instead of the latter because auto-playing videos can annoy some viewers, and may increase the loading time of the website. On the other hand with click-to-play you leave the choice in the hands of the viewer, which is preferable.

Assuming you implement the four tips listed above, you should notice that your video content is able to engage more viewers, reduce bounce rates, and ultimately increase conversions. Make no mistake there are a lot of other factors that will affect those metrics however, and it is important that the video capture for Mac or PC that you use is able to record high quality and professional-looking videos.

With the right content and a video-optimized web design, you will find that you’re able to tap into the full potential of videos. Considering how popular video content is nowadays you should certainly jump aboard its train, as it will provide your website with a solid boost and a steady stream of traffic that you can convert.

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