30 cool wallpapers for designers

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130 Responses

  1. Great list! Some of these could have made desktopography

    My last blog post : What is Usability?

  2. Ehsan says:

    I was looking for some stuff like this but never thought of specifically looking for wallpaper for designers 🙂 I wonder if that cloud wallpaper comes in white or light blue background

    My last blog post : What’s Next for Pakistan ?

  3. rizzi says:

    nice….very creative

  4. Alex says:

    @Ehsan … Glad you found what you were looking for.

  5. sharat says:

    MR ALEX ur a genius!
    amazing collection!!
    im very fond of such art…. gr8 compilation!
    thanks for ur effort…
    looking 4ward to some fab compilations from u

  6. Cambria says:

    these are some pretty kickin backgrounds! that is so cool! i finally found a cool background website thats NOT blocked at this retarted school, THANKS =]

  7. Joe says:

    These Backrounds are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I finaly found a cool backround websites thats free!

    Whoever made this is the best THANKS!!!

  8. bestmanish says:

    Really very nice.

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  10. Carlos says:

    Great Wallpapers! very cool design

  11. chandu says:

    super work thanks for downloding

  12. Great consolidating of glamorous wallpaper. I’ll be setting them as my desktop background…

  13. Azmat says:

    I like these wallpapers they are COOL

  14. taylor says:

    i LOVE these wall papers

  15. d.j. says:

    i like this, we will visit every time this site and i will sugest every bady.

  16. PRIYANK MEHTA says:

    after a long time I have seen some realy a good collection of wallpapers. its good. and thanks

  17. Damini Sarkar says:


  18. rahul says:

    This designs are amazing and designers are use colors with great combination which made this designs great best done by designer thank you ……… veeeeeeeeery veeeeeeeeeery best work

  19. Blaberize says:

    Wow! very nice selections. This wallpaper post will be timeless. Bookmarked and thumbs up! =)

  20. Rajeshwari says:

    excellent creativity….

  21. Suddy says:


  22. Rizzaltz says:

    These are very nice and well created wallpapers, add more … … hey

  23. DH says:

    Great designs! Love all of them! 🙂

  24. masoOm says:

    they AlL R vey superb wallpaperZ

  25. they alL are Superb n fantastic walL paperZ

  26. SHIBNATHPAL says:

    It’s so Beautiful

  27. sravz says:

    they n vry nice

  28. immy says:

    these pics are cool

  29. Sonu says:

    One of the best collection on the web i guess……………

    You Rock 🙂

  30. Alicia says:

    pretty wicked-sweet!!!!!

  31. heather says:

    kool wallpapers

  32. saweeza says:

    wow i love all walpapers 🙂 😉 *)

  33. aakash narang says:

    gr8 images

  34. Medi says:

    Its amazing art, and use of great colour combination..

  35. vijay kumar reddy says:

    I wonder to see these marvellous cool wallpapers.It is useful for designers like me
    very much.Keep going, God will help you to create more.

  36. liz says:

    thats awesome i love it

  37. Joana says:

    These backgrounds are realy awesome.Thanks for helping in my project

  38. eshal says:

    lovely wallpapers just amazing wao awsome

  39. esbon says:

    wow!! surreal!

  40. HONgurl says:

    Wow these are waaaay cool! I’m trying my best to download all of them!!
    Mr, Alex……………your a major genius with an equally major creativity!!!
    Your backgrounds rock!!!

  41. suman pal says:


  42. YoYo says:

    wow these designs are inimaginable they are way more cooler than i ever thought they would be great job!

  43. ramss says:

    very very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  44. santosh says:


  45. swetha says:

    These wallpapers r exxxxtreeeamly wonderfull n I was ;truley n honestly; wonderstruck as I was going through them

  46. stella star says:

    I just love these pics. I think some of them kind of have a meaning hidden in them. I love all of them.

  47. Cawkii says:

    OMG~ I was only look for the one wallapaper on google images that was on this website, but i ended up downloading 7 ! Great collection man, may use in the future!

  48. Nishant Boorla says:

    same as above…i google for wallpapers….i found this one….i was about to click on “see full size image” when i saw some more interesting wallpapers…..great stuff!

  49. je suis moi says:

    Same thing happened to me too and, I’m telling you my friend,these wallpapers here are original !! and thank you very much 😉

  50. Alex Aguilar says:

    I would “kill” to have that creativity…amazing colors, ideas, concepts, EVERYTHING

  51. Abhijeet says:

    its awesome……. beautiful collection man…
    i want all those wallpapers…..can i get on my mail….

  52. miriamRrdZ says:

    I like it … ))

  53. These are amazing!

  54. Beau says:

    Wow, some awesome wallpapers here. I’m def going to use some of these!

  55. Lucy says:

    wow these are Cool ill use them for my new new Phone!

  56. ♥ MAJID ART ♥ says:

    wooow !!
    very Nice
    Thank’s 🙂

  57. Lilan says:

    OMG i totally hart ur wallpaper designs:)

  58. shona says:

    coooooooooooooollllllllllllll colours.
    i luv all of dem.

  59. Naseem says:


  60. Amit says:

    great job.

  61. Karren Smith says:

    Wow whats up yo iv seen some pretty cool pic on this site pceout.

  62. Chetan Kumawat says:

    woW thesE arE aewsomE n amazinG!!!!!!!
    wallpaperS n i wnT morEEEEEeee

  63. stradus says:

    wow these wallpapers are kool as i will be using some of these

  64. michelle says:

    Heyy these are all amazing same thing happened i was looking for 1 cool wallpaper got like 10 heeh i love the colours ^_^

  65. famous says:

    Yo u took wallpapers to the next level. Nice works…

  66. billy says:

    Fantastic list of wallpapers- got to get some of these.

  67. Nezen says:

    hey, i don’t want to sound ‘out of the loop’ as to whats going on, but did u design these? they’re really beautiful. thank you for sharing them with us! 🙂

  68. sameer says:

    awessomme! all these pics are so beatiful thanks!

  69. Rolf says:

    Awsome Collection, thanks for sharing

  70. gabriel says:

    nice collection you have

  71. Ed says:

    Great Collection!

  72. unknwn says:

    these pics r awsm

  73. Amo says:

    cool collection of wallpapers

  74. Simi says:

    What Beauty!!!!!!!!!! next to nothin……

  75. yash says:


  76. Deano says:

    Pretty cool stuff… thanks much for making it available…


  77. Jatin Sood says:

    These are really the best wall papers after looking over for them all over the web…
    i really like them….


  78. Lilz says:

    OMG i was on googl images & saw a pic, found this website & downloaded ALL OF THEM… U PPL ROX MA SOX!!!

  79. remzy says:

    wow..so cool collection..thanks for this great share

  80. chylah says:

    wow those are very cool wallpapers

  81. Divya says:

    Wow great wallpapers
    Thx for that


  82. mayiina says:

    ow so cool stuffs! 🙂 this was perfectly what i’m looking for! 🙂 keep it up!

  83. Sonia says:

    I LOVE THESE WALLPAPERS! My Friends are jelous and asking me where i found it LOL!

  84. the only... says:

    woooowww!!! im not the biggest art fan but who ever did this has really a great talent and imagination. i never comment but on these pictures are amazing love them… this right here is a masterpiece my friend if you have more please send them to my email i am willing to give my true opinion on any work you have done.. dont worry i dont steal any ones work dont have time to steal!!! lol

  85. Dash says:

    can we get them in a decent size?? or is it that I didn’t know how to get them? :-S I want to set one in a 1280×800 screen or something like that.

  86. Imran says:

    These are 30 cool wallpapers for designers. People want to use this kind of wallpapers for designing. I like these wallpapers very much.

  87. Kurtjackson says:

    Very Nice Collection of Wallpapers.

    thanks for sharing this post. your posting is woderful

  88. Anonymous says:

    Glad you like it.

  89. wow.. amazing list

  90. One word – wow.

  91. Anonymous says:

    waw. Magic wallpaper.. i love it.. good design

  92. Anonymous says:

    yah… i agree

  93. beautiful design.. i love it

  94. fred says:

    nice .. i love it ..

  95. suresh soni says:

    awesome collection, i like and love all these…….
    Thanks for creat and uploand for download.

    suresh (graphic designer) 

  96. Noorulain suleman says:

    amazing <3<3<3

  97. sujata katkar says:


  98. PP says:


  99. Anil_devnicholas says:

    realy very nice wallpaper i found here

  100. Blinkproof says:


  101. zeeshan says:

    v nice work

  102. Anonymous says:

    Very nice wallpapers

  103. PJ says:


  104. Jyotig Gupta04 says:

    wow very nice collection dear

  105. Anonymous says:

    awesome pices

  106. Bosskarthik says:

    yes nice

  107. ROSECHELLE_G says:


  108. Don Harris says:

    Great wallpaper designs here to you guys. Really nice stuff.  Thanks for sharing. 

    Please keep up the great post as I love coming back here for inspiration.
    Thanks again,

  109. Ali hussein (mindfreeze) says:

    amazing woooooooooow !

  110. Shruthi S Das says:

    words r less………..  🙂

  111. Kalsoomgulzar says:


  112. Mangesh Sawant says:


  113. Mangesh Sawant says:

    thankx friend it’s realy nice 

  114. G.K Edbor says:

    it is Good and fantastic wallpapers. the present time needed this wallpaper

  115. Alex Ionescu says:

    I am glad you found them useful. You should also check out the Wallpapers category for more great wallpapers.

  116. Amazing Wallpapers……….. awesome collectinon…….

  117. wallpapers says:

    amazing bro . . . great collection . .love this share . .!!

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