20 Design Ideas for Aspiring Graphic Designers

20 Design Ideas for Aspiring Graphic Designers

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“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser

The task of a graphic designer is to visualise and create concepts to communicate ideas that captivate, inform and inspire clients. They sketch or use various computer software to develop the layout and design for advertisements, magazines, websites, etc. Establishing oneself as a graphic designer is not an easy task because it is really hard to repeatedly meet the expectations of clients that expect new, eye-popping and creative designs from you. However, if you are an aspiring graphic designer, you do not need to get demotivated because there are numerous design ideas on the Internet and around you in the smallest of things to help you create the perfect design that your client desires. And, if that is not enough, there is a list of amazing design ideas by Designhill that is surely going to inspire and guide you in career.

So if you are an aspiring graphic designer, here are 20 design ideas that will help you get started.

· Pictures of wine bottles, beer bottles and vineyards work really well if your client is from the wine and drinks industry. You can modify or add a quirky element to it to get a better result.

· Pictures of famous places, landscapes, or picturesque resorts are common, but yet great ideas for designing covers of magazines related to travel and tourism. They also work for other products if your client is from the travel and tourism industry.

· For a nature-themed project, feel free to use the beauty of the world’s flora and fauna abundantly. Choose from the wide range of forests, rivers, mountains, flowers, etc. There are endless options and opportunities to go creative while working on this subject and you will never run out of ideas too.

· The sky is another theme you could work on. Be the warm shades of blue, the red and orange hues or the dark starry sky, there is a lot of scope to improvise and create something amazing for your client. You also have the liberty to play with colors here.

· Using the products manufactured by your client is another option that most graphic designers put to good use. Be it bottles of marmalade and pickles, or cans of soft drinks; you can use them all for your designs.

· Minimalistic designs are the choice of a lot of companies, and in the present times, they are quite in trend too. A glass, a hot air balloon, an animal are some of the things that have been used as designs by various companies. You can create something similar for your client too. However, do keep in mind that your design has to be relevant to what the company stands for.

· Another innovative idea is to use symbols for your designs. Symbols such as O, $, I, etc. have been used by designers to represent a company’s logo since time immemorial. You can use your creative mind to create a similar masterpiece.

· Designing a book cover can be quite a daunting task because you need to know the brief of the story. Work out something with the characters or theme and your job will be accomplished.

· It is said that Mother Nature is a great teacher and it holds true in case of graphic designing as well. If you are suffering from an artist’s block, take a break and look around you. You might just find your source of inspiration from the trees, drops of rain, a flying bird, a sleeping cat, etc.

· Using the images of maps and flags. While the former works best for tourism and travel industry, the latter could be incorporated into designs for different industries.

· Faces displaying various emotions is another great idea that can be worked on by graphic designers. Designs of this kind are new and quirky and needless to say, quite in trend too.

· A carnival. The lights, the colours and the fun and frolic captured together could be a great idea for a fantastic design. Use the theme according to your needs and liking, and you could sweep your client off his feet.

· The beauty of the beaches is a great theme that can be made into a great design by using the right colours, theme and pattern. You can use it in your background, turn it into an old picture or try something completely new that no one has ever thought of before.

· Origami is the art of folding papers and it is also a great way to design something new and unique for your client. Many graphic designers have created interesting origami designs for their clients and so can you! Choose an interesting pattern and decide how you want to portray it and there, you are good to go!

· Another “cool” idea is to go abstract! Geometrical shapes, shadows, footprints, etc. are some of the few abstract designs that have been used by designers so far to create interesting and out of the box designs for their clients. However, do not forget that there is a fine line between abstract and nonsensical.
· Calligraphy is another great way to create an amazing design for your client’s company. Use calligraphy to write a small and meaningful message or a quote in your design.

· Small and unique quotes in Sanskrit or some other language. This works really well with a lot of clients.

· Quotes and colours. You can use both of these to create something magical for your client. Keep the requirement in mind, and you can navigate through the many colours and quotes available.

· Images of a plane, a mountain, a fruit, a star, etc. could work well if it is relevant to your client’s work or company. It is also a great hit among companies because they make for minimalist designs as well.

· Using the initials of the company’s name is another brave but unique theme for graphic designers.

And now that you know of a few interesting design ideas, here are a few tips that will help you create a perfect design for your client.

· Do not stick to your computer. While you may discover a lot of design ideas on the internet, never underestimate the power of nature. Look around you, and you might just notice something that you had never seen before which might become your source of inspiration.

· Check out the work of other designers. Most graphic designers often draw inspiration from other designers, and so can you. However, do not plagiarise their work. Instead, create something of your own by incorporating something from their work into yours.

· Timing. Figure out which time of the day your creative juices flow in abundance and try to work during that time.

· Keep your mind open. As a graphic designer, you need to make the world your design inspiration. You need to keep your mind and eyes open because only then shall you discover diverse opportunities.

· Set some rules for yourself. They need not be specific but could guide you through your work. And once you have the rules in place, follow them strictly.

· Planning. It is of utmost importance. Think of what the company sells, stands for, and the target audience. Having the answers to these questions will help you plan your design well.

· Simplicity. Do not overdo anything and keep your design simple. It still works best.

· Use different tools for your designs. While a lot of graphic designing is done on the computer these days, do not forget that old is gold. Do not hesitate to go back to basics and use pencils, pens, paint brushes, canvas, etc. to create your masterpiece.

· Questions. Ask as many questions as you want to yourself and your client before finalising on something. It will help you come up with the right result.

· Color palette and fonts. Always remember that having a great color palette is the key to creating a great design. And no matter how much various fonts excite you, do not get carried away by it. Limit yourself to two to three fonts.

· It is okay to suffer from an artist’s block. It is not the end of the world so, do not panic. Instead, take a break and get back to work once you feel refreshed.

· Read and check out various mobile applications to come up with ideas. Technology has made a lot of advancement, and so you can use it to the best of your ability to get your job done.

· And lastly, always remember that sky is the limit. Do not shy away from experimenting with your designs.

So, there you go. Hope these design ideas and handy tips help you design better and smarter than before. But if you still have questions, you can always contact the talented designers at Designhill, and they will be more than happy to help you. Happy designing!

Written by Henna Ray

Henna Ray is a digital marketing and SEO Specialist at Designhill, one of the fastest growing design crowdsourcing marketplaces that help business owner’s source high-quality custom logo design, web design etc. She specializes in digital marketing strategies, technical and international creative SEO, web analytics, graphic & web designs and business development strategy. Connect with her on Twitter.

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