10 Important Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

With many brands and businesses competing for customer attention on the internet, it is crucial to use the best images to get maximum attention to your brand and message. Good design is not something that you will become an expert in overnight. The tips below will help you master graphic design basics and help you create great assets for your website.

Have a collection of inspirational work

When you decide you want to learn web design, you should have a collection of work that you deem successful. You can achieve this by saving items on a folder on your computer, bookmarking images on your browser, and making Pinterest boards. With a list of influencers and a catalog of inspirational work, you will be able to identify past and present design trends. In addition, you will have a clear understanding of your personal interests and style preferences. Your design collection will also help inspire the designs that you create in future.

Choose the right fonts

Clarity is one of the crucial aspects of readability and design. You will not achieve the desired success with your designs if you consistently use one font. It is best that you experiment with a variety of font styles and stick to one that suits your current project. Avoid sticking to one font for all your projects when you have many opportunities for exploration. Most viewers will have a difficult time adjusting their eyes to different fonts and styles. Therefore, it is best to stick to one font family and use variants of the same font instead.

Carefully use italics

To get a superb effect in some of your projects, you should use italics. They should be used with lots of respect because they can perfectly balance your headers and sub-headers. It is ideal for you to use italics in short sentences only. You should avoid using them in long sentences because they can be disastrous to your entire project.

Choose consistent images

The diagrams, images, graphics, and illustrations that you use add meaning to the entire project. However, you should ensure that the quality of the images you use remains consistent throughout the website. In addition, the lighting, quality, framing, style, and proportions of these elements should also be constant throughout the website. This will ensure that you convey your message in a manner that is clear and attractive.

Use paragraph and character styles

You should choose your header cautiously and apply its style. Headers are usually in separate positions and come with different line heights and font sizes. Graphic design tools such as Photoshop and In Design have fixed tools that ensure your paragraphs and characters have a perfect steadiness among them. These tools will save you time by ensuring that you do not constantly scroll between pages to check and ensure that all your styles are well placed.

Hierarchy rules

In graphic design, hierarchy is extremely important. This is why you need to prioritize the elements of your design and achieve that priority through compositional placement, color, scale, and topography. You should ensure that the most important message of your design remains dominant irrespective of the other elements that you are using. For example, if you are presenting a textual message, then you should avoid positioning it over a colorful, bright image.

Your target audience

Unless you are designing for your own personal pleasure, you are probably creating a graphic representation for a specific audience. You should always have your audience in mind throughout the design process. This will ensure that you create something that your intended audience will want to see and they will favorably react to. Context is important when designing for you audience. For example, you would not want a childish looking design with cartoons, squiggly lines or light colors for a mature audience. A good web design company will create graphic images that will appeal to your audience and get you the results you want.

Scanning your sketch

If you are sketching your graphic design, you must ensure that you scan it on your computer. You can use your smartphone camera to scan the design and import it directly into Photoshop or Illustrator. You can then develop your preferred design as normal, but ensure that you use the scanned sketch as your background guide.

Take advantage of contrasts

You should use contrasting colors when picking font and background colors for your designs. Using contrasts will help in adding a little attitude to your designs and it will make some elements stick out from the background or other accompanying images. If you have a light background, you should always use dark colored text and vice versa.

Get feedback

Getting feedback for your designs is important because it helps you learn and make adjustments to your design. If you love the designs that you create, you should show them to the world. You can get honest opinions from your friends or even consult professional graphic designers. Knowing what other people think about your designs is important. Use the criticism and remarks that you get to improve your designs. With the right attitude, you will get better designs over time.

Go for white space

White space is valuable and strong and is ideal in trendy graphics that showcase simplicity. When transferring text to a big canvas, you should choose a superior quality interface and centralize your type while leaving the rest of the canvas white. The canvas will look really good.

Always follow your passion

When designing, it is important that you work on a project that you are passionate about. This is important because it is the enthusiasm that you have that will lead you to create excellent designs. Passion is what will help you create designs that people will love and you will be proud of.

Graphic design appears irresistible for students and beginners who have no experience.  However, you should not expect to be an expert designer within a month of starting your designing. Lots of practice and assistance from experienced graphic designers can help you sharpen your skills over time. With the aforementioned tips in mind and lots of practice, you will become an expert in no time.

Written by Barrack Diego

Barrack Diego is a freelance content writer. He has written many good and informative articles on different categories such as Web Design, SEO and Business. He is very responsible towards his job. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.


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