Is Horizontal Web Design Here to Stay?

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  • Cool post !!

  • I am still not completely sold on horizontal web design. The examples you provided are great, but I find nine times out of ten, it just doesn’t work for me.

  • When scrolling horizontally, it gives this feeling like flipping through a book. Feels more like a journey and I think that’s different and refreshing. It has some charm in it but only works in special occasions. Perhaps in picture galleries for example and on sites with a lot of graphical content.

    Maybe the sideways scrolling function seen in Mac mouses becomes a standard function in modern computers one day, and then we can enjoy more sites like these.

  • I think these types of design will work well with more creative companys such as marketing etc, nice examples you have chosen.

  • I agree with the fact that horizontal layouts are only really suitable for websites with a small amount of copy and more graphical material, they work great for portfolios. I think Jarkko made a great point about the horizontal sites feeling like a book, but I just don’t like the idea of using horizontal scroll bars at all, it just feels somewhat unnatural. I used jQuery’s scrollTo and for my own site and I think it really works a treat, I really tried to capture a feeling of going on a journey from the home page to the ‘thanks for contacting me’ page

  • 16i

    I agree with Ryan, and would add that these sites are not a blend of SEO/Accessibility/Compatibility – they are a huge swing in the design direction and are unbalanced from these other pespectives. Great as a landing page, but not much use as a standalone site if you want to make it accessible or SEO it.