30 cool wallpapers for designers

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  • Great list! Some of these could have made desktopography

    My last blog post : What is Usability?

  • excellent.

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  • I was looking for some stuff like this but never thought of specifically looking for wallpaper for designers 🙂 I wonder if that cloud wallpaper comes in white or light blue background

    My last blog post : What’s Next for Pakistan ?

  • nice….very creative

  • @Ehsan … Glad you found what you were looking for.

  • sharat

    MR ALEX ur a genius!
    amazing collection!!
    im very fond of such art…. gr8 compilation!
    thanks for ur effort…
    looking 4ward to some fab compilations from u

  • Cambria

    these are some pretty kickin backgrounds! that is so cool! i finally found a cool background website thats NOT blocked at this retarted school, THANKS =]

  • Joe

    These Backrounds are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I finaly found a cool backround websites thats free!

    Whoever made this is the best THANKS!!!

  • Really very nice.

  • very good

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  • Carlos

    Great Wallpapers! very cool design

  • chandu

    super work thanks for downloding

  • Great consolidating of glamorous wallpaper. I’ll be setting them as my desktop background…

  • Azmat

    I like these wallpapers they are COOL

  • taylor

    i LOVE these wall papers

  • d.j.

    i like this, we will visit every time this site and i will sugest every bady.


    after a long time I have seen some realy a good collection of wallpapers. its good. and thanks

  • Damini Sarkar


  • very nice

  • rahul

    This designs are amazing and designers are use colors with great combination which made this designs great best done by designer thank you ……… veeeeeeeeery veeeeeeeeeery best work

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  • Wow! very nice selections. This wallpaper post will be timeless. Bookmarked and thumbs up! =)

  • Rajeshwari

    excellent creativity….

  • Suddy


  • Rizzaltz

    These are very nice and well created wallpapers, add more … … hey

  • DH

    Great designs! Love all of them! 🙂

  • masoOm

    they AlL R vey superb wallpaperZ

  • they alL are Superb n fantastic walL paperZ


    It’s so Beautiful

  • sravz

    they n vry nice

  • immy

    these pics are cool

  • Sonu

    One of the best collection on the web i guess……………

    You Rock 🙂

  • amezing wallpaper

  • Alicia

    pretty wicked-sweet!!!!!

  • heather

    kool wallpapers

  • saweeza

    wow i love all walpapers 🙂 😉 *)

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  • aakash narang

    gr8 images

  • Medi

    Its amazing art, and use of great colour combination..

  • vijay kumar reddy

    I wonder to see these marvellous cool wallpapers.It is useful for designers like me
    very much.Keep going, God will help you to create more.

  • liz

    thats awesome i love it

  • Joana

    These backgrounds are realy awesome.Thanks for helping in my project

  • eshal

    lovely wallpapers just amazing wao awsome

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  • esbon

    wow!! surreal!

  • HONgurl

    Wow these are waaaay cool! I’m trying my best to download all of them!!
    Mr, Alex……………your a major genius with an equally major creativity!!!
    Your backgrounds rock!!!

  • suman pal


  • YoYo

    wow these designs are inimaginable they are way more cooler than i ever thought they would be great job!

  • ramss

    very very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • santosh


  • swetha

    These wallpapers r exxxxtreeeamly wonderfull n I was ;truley n honestly; wonderstruck as I was going through them

  • stella star

    I just love these pics. I think some of them kind of have a meaning hidden in them. I love all of them.

  • Cawkii

    OMG~ I was only look for the one wallapaper on google images that was on this website, but i ended up downloading 7 ! Great collection man, may use in the future!

  • Nishant Boorla

    same as above…i google for wallpapers….i found this one….i was about to click on “see full size image” when i saw some more interesting wallpapers…..great stuff!

  • je suis moi

    Same thing happened to me too and, I’m telling you my friend,these wallpapers here are original !! and thank you very much 😉

  • I would “kill” to have that creativity…amazing colors, ideas, concepts, EVERYTHING

  • Abhijeet

    its awesome……. beautiful collection man…
    i want all those wallpapers…..can i get on my mail….

  • miriamRrdZ

    I like it … ))

  • These are amazing!

  • Wow, some awesome wallpapers here. I’m def going to use some of these!

  • Lucy

    wow these are Cool ill use them for my new new Phone!

  • ♥ MAJID ART ♥

    wooow !!
    very Nice
    Thank’s 🙂

  • Lilan

    OMG i totally hart ur wallpaper designs:)

  • shona

    coooooooooooooollllllllllllll colours.
    i luv all of dem.

  • Naseem


  • Amit

    great job.

  • Karren Smith

    Wow whats up yo iv seen some pretty cool pic on this site pceout.

  • Chetan Kumawat

    woW thesE arE aewsomE n amazinG!!!!!!!
    wallpaperS n i wnT morEEEEEeee

  • wow these wallpapers are kool as i will be using some of these

  • michelle

    Heyy these are all amazing same thing happened i was looking for 1 cool wallpaper got like 10 heeh i love the colours ^_^

  • famous

    Yo u took wallpapers to the next level. Nice works…

  • Fantastic list of wallpapers- got to get some of these.

  • Nezen

    hey, i don’t want to sound ‘out of the loop’ as to whats going on, but did u design these? they’re really beautiful. thank you for sharing them with us! 🙂

  • sameer

    awessomme! all these pics are so beatiful thanks!

  • Awsome Collection, thanks for sharing

  • gabriel

    nice collection you have

  • Ed

    Great Collection!

  • these pics r awsm

  • Amo

    cool collection of wallpapers

  • Simi

    What Beauty!!!!!!!!!! next to nothin……

  • yash


  • Pretty cool stuff… thanks much for making it available…


  • Jatin Sood

    These are really the best wall papers after looking over for them all over the web…
    i really like them….


  • Lilz

    OMG i was on googl images & saw a pic, found this website & downloaded ALL OF THEM… U PPL ROX MA SOX!!!

  • wow..so cool collection..thanks for this great share

  • chylah

    wow those are very cool wallpapers

  • Divya

    Wow great wallpapers
    Thx for that


  • mayiina

    ow so cool stuffs! 🙂 this was perfectly what i’m looking for! 🙂 keep it up!

  • Sonia

    I LOVE THESE WALLPAPERS! My Friends are jelous and asking me where i found it LOL!

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  • the only…

    woooowww!!! im not the biggest art fan but who ever did this has really a great talent and imagination. i never comment but on these pictures are amazing love them… this right here is a masterpiece my friend if you have more please send them to my email i am willing to give my true opinion on any work you have done.. dont worry i dont steal any ones work dont have time to steal!!! lol

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  • Dash

    can we get them in a decent size?? or is it that I didn’t know how to get them? :-S I want to set one in a 1280×800 screen or something like that.

  • These are 30 cool wallpapers for designers. People want to use this kind of wallpapers for designing. I like these wallpapers very much.

  • Very Nice Collection of Wallpapers.

    thanks for sharing this post. your posting is woderful

  • Anonymous

    Glad you like it.

  • wow.. amazing list

  • One word – wow.

  • Anonymous

    waw. Magic wallpaper.. i love it.. good design

  • Anonymous

    yah… i agree

  • beautiful design.. i love it

  • fred

    nice .. i love it ..

  • suresh soni

    awesome collection, i like and love all these…….
    Thanks for creat and uploand for download.

    suresh (graphic designer) 

  • Noorulain suleman

    amazing <3<3<3

  • sujata katkar


  • PP


  • Anil_devnicholas

    realy very nice wallpaper i found here

  • Blinkproof


  • zeeshan

    v nice work

  • Anonymous

    Very nice wallpapers

  • PJ


  • Jyotig Gupta04

    wow very nice collection dear

  • Anonymous

    awesome pices

  • Bosskarthik

    yes nice



  • Great wallpaper designs here to you guys. Really nice stuff.  Thanks for sharing. 

    Please keep up the great post as I love coming back here for inspiration.
    Thanks again,

  • Ali hussein (mindfreeze)

    amazing woooooooooow !

  • Shruthi S Das

    words r less………..  🙂

  • Kalsoomgulzar


  • Mangesh Sawant


  • Mangesh Sawant

    thankx friend it’s realy nice 

  • G.K Edbor

    it is Good and fantastic wallpapers. the present time needed this wallpaper

  • I am glad you found them useful. You should also check out the Wallpapers category for more great wallpapers.

  • Amazing Wallpapers……….. awesome collectinon…….

  • wallpapers

    amazing bro . . . great collection . .love this share . .!!