10 Expert SEO Tips Every Business Needs to Know to Succeed

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If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re likely a go-getter. Someone who likes to make their own rules, shoot from the hip, and ask questions after the dust settles.

Google feels the same way. The difference is they rule the digital world and the rest of us are just doing business in it.

If you want to maximize your online efficiency and your profits, keep reading. We’ve collected 10 expert SEO tips to help next level your web presence.

Top Expert SEO Tips

  1. Use WordPress

This website builder is powering nearly 30% of all websites. It’s a user-friendly platform with a host of SEO plugins available to make your life easier and to help your website stand out and be noticed.

It doesn’t require any knowledge of coding and a bare bones site can be set up in roughly one hour.

What makes the builder so amazing is the versatility and variety of themes. A theme is the physical appearance of your site.

A premium theme can be expensive but they’re usually more responsive, mobile-friendly, harder to hack and have better customer support.

  1. Optimize For Mobile

You may have heard through the grapevine that Google has made mobile a priority. Talk to any expert SEO person and they’ll back up this claim.

Another one of the benefits of using WordPress is that when tinkering with your site, you can see how it looks on multiple devices.

Any builder without this feature isn’t worth your time.

Mobile users browse differently than desktop users. View your own site on a mobile device.

Is it easy to read? Is all of the viable information that you want customers to see right there in front of them?

Keep in mind, if you use sidebars, the information will be located below the main page. Make sure that users can get to where you want them to go with ease.

  1. Blog

Blogs are a key component to any marketing effort. It is your personal hub of information. All of your marketing efforts should funnel traffic to your blog and once users are there, you can use the blog to send them wherever you want them to go on your website.

Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean it’s optimized properly.

Almost everyone has a blog. It’s the first rule of SEO basics.

But for expert SEO, you need a blog with excellent, compelling content. It doesn’t just need internal and external links, it needs the right internal and external links.

It needs to link out to great content that won’t hurt your sales and link internally to your best products and services pages.

  1. Long Tail Keywords

When first learning about keywords, you discover they are how search engines recognize your website’s relevance to user searches.

You learned that keywords are competitive.

For expert SEO, you need to learn and truly understand the beauty of long-tail keywords.

Bad keyword – shoes

Better keyword – black shoes

Great keyword – black high heels with ankle strap

Find the keywords that work the best for your business and sprinkle them liberally, without stuffing, throughout the content that you would like to rank for in the SERPs.

  1. Social

No expert SEO tutorial would be complete without mentioning social media and how it benefits your business. Most importantly, how it benefits your business free of charge.

The hardest part of the process is going to be how to pick and choose which social sites work best for you. As a business owner, LinkedIn is likely an obvious choice and so is Facebook.

The rest of your campaigns should be built around your target demographic.

As an example, do you sell high-quality digital cameras? You better be on Instagram.

  1. YouTube

The ‘Tube has become a beast all its own. Owned and operated by Google, its algorithms are similar. Ever notice how a Google search will bring up relevant videos in the SERPs?

Google likes to take care of their own. Their entire business model is based on providing users with the best information possible.

Creating your own YouTube channel for billions (and increasing everyday) of users will allow you to market your content to a completely new demographic that you may not be reaching with your written content.

  1. Network

When working on your content creation, realize what’s going to benefit you and your business the most is establishing relationships with other businesses, websites, and influencers.

You can utilize these relationships to attain a quid pro quo network of similar businesses and like-minded individuals.

  1. Speed

If your website does not load within three seconds, you’re screwed. That’s how long the average user will wait.

Not only is page speed paramount to user experience, it’s also a major ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. When it comes to expert SEO, this is at the top of every list. 

Once upon a time, this ranking was based on desktop speed. Now mobile is a large part of it. How fast is your site on a phone, tablet, and desktop?

The answer should be “two seconds” to all three. Less is better.

  1. Links

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of the right internal and external links within your blog. This wouldn’t be a complete expert SEO guide if we didn’t give a shout-out to backlinking.

It has become so vital to SEO that entire businesses are built around the concept. One of Google’s biggest ranking factors is not just the quantity of your backlinks, but also the quality.

Having a link from Business Insider means a lot more than a link for or Idon’

Doing this properly is time-consuming and frustrating. This is one of the few SEO tactics that we like to leave up to the pros.

  1. Local

We’re going to finish up with one of the easiest common sense expert SEO strategies. If it’s so easy, why mention it?

Half of all small businesses with a web presence have found inaccurate listings for their company. And 70% of these same businesses claim that they don’t have the time to even mess with it.

For something that’s so easy and requires so little time, there’s no reason not to have up to date information for local users.

It’s important that your NAP is up to date and accurate across all online and offline directories.

Wrapping it Up

The majority of these tips are common sense about creating fresh content and then promoting said content. Do this while staying on top of your local SEO strategies and your website is going to be just fine.

Do you have any extra expert SEO tips you’d like to add? Feel free to leave a comment below. We’d love to include your addition.

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