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94 Responses

  1. dadmtb says:

    Very interested :-O

  2. Fantastic man, finally some original shit, keep those photos coming, amazing and I’m not much of an art/photography guys but I have to give credit where credit is due!!!!

  3. Great work! Never seen anything like it. You are very talented. Keep me posted on any other work you do!

  4. Johnson Koh says:

    Fantastic concept! Reminds me of the water dress of giselle bundchen. But this milk ones looks better!

  5. Prakash says:

    Fantastic. how do this?
    very nice. very nice.

  6. Alex says:

    @Johnson Koh … Totally agree. The water dress was cool, but these …

  7. Navdeep says:

    Totally different from any other photography I have seen!


  8. E11World says:

    Really amazing work. I’m guessing there was a lot of hours photoshoping these.

  9. wow… amazing very nice……

  10. Really amazing… I have never seen such kind of picks..:)

  11. mehmetel says:

    Ilove MILK 🙂 thank you sharing

  12. this is very good photoshop composition and photographic technique – absolutely stunning!

  13. mystudio says:

    Amazing is an understatement. Never seen anything like this……….great stuff!

  14. says:

    Fantastic, amazing! Incredible!

  15. christee bella says:

    awesome- they’re brilliant, luscious, sexy & inspiring- the milk texture splashing & dripping is incredible- not to mention super hot- the best image has to be the very first one on so many levels- and despite the fact that i am a girl, i can still appreciate a great ass- which is probably the most appealing part of that shot….

    one thing that is driving me nuts- i must be looking at the image wrong, but i showed my boyfriend & he sees it the same way- it’s the 5th image down from the top (about 10 photos up from here)- the girl is a brunette in a sort of ballet pose (hands above head)- her “milk dress” is longer in back, to the knees in front- & frilly- the frills in the back are like lifted up- well, what is going on in her chest area- more specifically, the area surrounding her left breast (so the right side of the photo)- i can’t figure out what the lump is- it looks like she has a bone sticking out under another lump, which appears to be her breast- am i not seeing this correctly? what is that? It’s like double-lumps- which one is her boob & what then is the other lump? It’s like a double-boob…

  16. Alex says:

    Hey Christee,

    I have examined the photo in case in detail. I’ve done quite a bit of human anatomy in med school and I can safely say that is a part of her rib cage. The last pairs of ribs are shorter and they connect to the sternum via a bigger cartilage and that is exactly what that is : a slight bend of the cartilage due to her position.

  17. Lindsey says:

    Stunning images! I’ve never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing :).

  18. Hinh anh dep says:

    Amazing pics!!!Thanks for sharing!

  19. Sebastian says:

    crazy inspiration. thank you

  20. static says:

    This is a real Art!

  21. I’d frick the hell out of them

  22. says:

    I love them, so fantatic

  23. Joymen says:

    Woooow Süperrr very goood ! :p

  24. GloQui says:

    Wow! This is REALLY amazing stuff. Quite interesting.

  25. Jye says:

    Those are some really amazing photographs with a stunning style.

  26. Nora Reed says:

    Well that certainly is one way to make a bold fashion statement. Wear milk! These were interesting. I understand how hard it is to be new and different when it seems like everything has been done before. This does stand out and is a new approach on an old idea.

  27. Sue says:

    WOW! This is frickin crazy cool!

  28. Leda Arvin says:

    AMAZING WHAT AN ARTIST, GREAT JOB…….Does someone know how to do this milk splashing?? is photoshop ???

  29. ega says:

    That’s beautiful,sexy and brilliant photo….

  30. Andraz says:

    Lots of stuff on these images is 3d fluid simulator, perhaps combined with real milk shots. But definitely not just milk alone.

    If you prove me wrong, I apologise.

  31. rame says:

    so wonderful, never been see like that.

  32. Dereck says:

    Great pictures.

  33. hong says:

    nice photo n concept

  34. Sampi says:

    That’s what i call Art !!
    Don’t clik on my name. Thanks

  35. Dioni says:

    Que rica leche!! jaja

  36. ACL says:

    Great !!

    Certainly, this is ART, I’m really angry about the comment “If you consider this material offensive please don’t read ahead”… I’m sure some oppressed moralists have forced to put this kind of messages…

    However, I’m very surprised with that kind of art, please continue, congratulations!!!

  37. anopeludo says:

    os dedicaré unas pajillas

  38. PALOMIKO 13 says:

    k me corroooo k me corroo ahhhhh!!!
    k ricooo!!!

  39. Egidijus says:


  40. kebbap in your face says:

    algunos sólo pueden exarles la leche encima con el photoshop..

  41. Jitanus says:

    Una maravilla, sí señor.

  42. Nuria says:

    Ostras pedrin!! Mas cool?…inposible

  43. Luka says:

    Really great pictures!

  44. pixavi says:

    la de pajas que me hago al dia y no consigo sacar tanta leche,como lo haran?¿?¿

  45. RAFA says:


  46. israel says:

    las modelos de las fotografias algo excepcional,bonito trabajo

  47. jimbo says:

    Fantastic!!!!!! More please

  48. BEATRIZ says:

    me espectacular.nunca jamas habia visto algo asi.un 10 de mi muy original…

  49. nercy says:

    Amazing,beutifull work

  50. perfect i love your work

  51. Jordan Panagakis says:

    This technic is so unusual, creative and beautiful. This adds a whole new aspect of capturing the moment. I am sure allot of time and work goes into creating these images. Your model’s are amazing and pull it off (or on) perfectly. Much respect to your creations. True inspiration. Jordan P

  52. Brian W says:

    The effect is absolutely amazing and is an intrigueing collection of artwork.

  53. Felipe Ortiz says:

    I just want to say that your fine art is something that made me experienced real feelings.

    keep on

  54. ELPEPE says:

    La imagen numero 10 es la mejor sin duda.

    No hay que demeritar el demas trabajo por que es muy bueno, es sorprendente el trabajo que hicieron

  55. brynn says:

    your work you’ve done here is amazing because it’s different and just flat out perfect


  56. rafa says:

    good work.
    I show my work to you.


  57. Adam says:

    Those are really friggin cool! Are the computer generated after the fact?

  58. Alice says:

    this is good art work but I find it highly offensive. All the guys there are very shallow and only think about sex. Continue to do the milk thing but without the nudity!!!


  59. bojet says:

    amazing technique

  60. bojet says:

    in reply to alice, no more nudity than at the vatican. nudity does not equal sex. otherwise you’re would be having sex everytime you shower or bathe

  61. matt says:

    anyone know the name of the model i n the first picture? she look amazing!

  62. Lucky says:


    Great work.Kind of unbelievable but the kind of effort that would hav gone into this…
    Truly Amazing!!

  63. Joanna says:

    Hi I love the milk effects, how did you do that, I would like to learn, please if you don’t mind.

  64. Paul Apollonio says:

    Beautiful photography! Unique as well. Always a pleasure to see.

  65. Manendra says:

    Beautiful Blog ! This blog is very nice . I like it.. thanks

  66. Mannu says:

    good list !!!!!!!!!! again thanks

  67. Ravi says:

    Sure i like & love your work

  68. Vaishali says:

    This blog would be famous. That ‘s definite ….

  69. Karishma says:

    wonderful i care for your work.

  70. Vaishali says:

    I love your blog. That’s very Nice & wonderful.

  71. Oliver says:

    Dude! This is more than amazing! MUCH more that ammazing!
    I think this is photoshop brushes? correct me if I’m wrong!

    THOUGH / @ ALICE: Seriously! You think it’s offensive? If you think the natural body of a woman is offensive, I’m kinda getting negative feedback about how well proportioned you are…

    Naturism in art is NOT sex, when I am taking photographs of a clotheless woman or man, I am NOT aroused, it’s simply because when it’s work, it’s work, and if I DO get aroused by that, that means I should get out OR get laid more often.

    But you know there are many people who support you, they live in afghanistan and pakistan. They also burn their wives with acid if they went out of their tent without their brother or husband or uncle.

    So solution, let’s throw milk on a fully dressed human being and how attractive is that! ? or on a bag of potatoes! even more!

  72. kama says:

    very very beautiful . . .

  73. Aidan says:

    I fail to understand people like Alice.

    “Warning ! Some of the photos contain nudity. If you consider this material offensive please don’t read ahead.”

    Alice, your powers of Observation fail to serve you.

  74. ankit says:

    simply AMAZING……….

  75. Nirmal says:

    Great work! And very tastefully executed! I do not agree with Alice and others who feel that nudity is an issue here. Alice, creativity is about the freedom of expression!
    It’s funny, how all that you could see in these beautiful images, is the nudity!
    Even the nudity here is so beautifully shown, no vulgarity at all. Except unless, you are the frustrated sorts.

  76. nicolee says:

    @Alice : They use the natural curves of a womans body to capture the milk forming around it if they wore clothing the artistic value would lessen and it wouldn’t be as captivating. It’s not offensive, a woman’s body is beautiful no matter what.

  77. Gavin says:

    Looks simply amazing the milk that is 🙂

  78. Gerard says:

    Really impresive!!!

  79. roshan says:

    Amazing.. u guys have showed a new direction in creativity

  80. 16i says:

    No wonder this post has so many comments!

  81. Mikcarve says:

    I stumbled across this blog….This is fantastic! Great job!

  82. Jamescraigmtts says:

    This is really amazing.I have never seen this type of blog. Thanks for sharing this great blog….

  83. Techtic Techtic says:

    Seems to be a wonderful photography.

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