12 Majestic Pegasus Logo Design Ideas Of All Time

This collection of Pegasus logo designs is probably my favorite Roundup that we have done recently. I was surprised at how many Pegasus logos there are but the mythical creature is obviously a great mascot. We kick off with a geometric pegasus with multiple colors. I like what the designer is working with here yet there are too many colors for me personally. Then we move to a more conservative and traditional logo for a Pegasus Pizza Company. This is interesting, as I would expect a pegasus to be used for an accounting firm or Law Firm. I’m not exactly sure why they decided to use the logo with a pizza brand. More fitting is the next logo which uses the Pegasus as a mascot for a sports team. This is created in a very expectable sports team logo design. There are few Crest logos that follow and then a very minimalist Pegasus on Wheels. Hopefully this list has helped you in your next project. If you have a design what you would like to add just send us a note in the comment section or drop us a message in the notes below.

1. Geometric Pegasus

Colorful pegasus logo

This is a photo of a geometrically designed pegasus that is leaping forwards and has a variety of colors.

Designed by Yuri Kartashev.


2. Pegasus Pizza

Pegasus pizza design

This is a photo of a pegasus logo that includes a white colored pegasus with a blue background.

Designed by Todd Lyda.


3. Pegasus Mascot

Blue pegasus mascot

This is a photo of a pegasus mascot logo that has sharp, pointed wings and a blue color scheme.

Designed by Mike.


4. Prestigious Pegasus

Prestigious white pegasus

This is a photo of a prestigious-looking pegasus with white and blue colors.

Designed by Veronika Zuvic.


5. Pegasus Crest

Pegasus crest design

This is a photo of a pegasus logo with a crest design.

Designed by Nick Slater.


6. Pegasus on Wheels

Pegasus on wheels logo

This is a photo of a simply drawn pegasus that appears to be rolling forward on wheels.

Designed by Travis Ladue.


7. Circular Pegasus Logo

Pegasus inside of circle

This is a photo of a white pegasus with its wings spread out wide, set inside of a circle.

Designed by Nick Pring.


8. White Pegasus

Beautiful white pegasus

This is a photo of an elegant, white pegasus bucking its front legs in the air.

Designed by Prescott Perez-Fox.


9. Red Pegasus

Red pegasus design

This is a photo of a pegasus logo that’s red colored and has text to the right.

Designed by Tom Oude Egberink.


10. Black Pegasus

Black pegasus logo

This is a photo of a black pegasus with its wings spread.

Designed by Heavtryq.


11. Basic Pegasus Design

Maroon pegasus logo

This is a photo of a pegasus logo with a simplistic design and maroon coloring.

Designed by Sean Farrell.


12. Gold Pegasus

Gold pegasus design

This is a photo of a gold pegasus with its front legs bucked up in the air and a company name underneath it.

Designed by Alex Broekhuizen.

Written by Joshua Soukup


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