10 Amazing Packaging Design That Will Inspire You

Even if you don’t do packaging design, most designers would have gotten at least one request in their career from a client. After all, we are designers. Clients can’t tell us apart.

Design packaging has its own philosophies and principles, but what is good packaging design? In my opinion, like all other communicative design, a well designed package will ultimately help solve a problem, or three. Here are some characteristics of what good packaging design is:

  • Must be intriguing or sparks curiosity
  • Stands out from the rest/unique
  • Communicates the overall brand
  • Initiates action and response
  • Is useful or functional
  • and lastly, good packaging design must be beautiful

Today I’ve collected 10 inspirational examples that has one or more of the characters above. Let me know what you think in the comments below

Violet Hill Farm Cheese Packaging by Yan Rong

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Cheese. What can I say? I have a soft spot for it. The Violet Hill Farm is a product line of fine artisan cheese handcrafted in Wisconsin. This packaging from Yan Rong communicates the brand well (the packaging forms the hills of the midwestern state) and clearly got my attention. See more here

Make It Pop by Farm Design

make it pop_1make it pop_2 make it pop_3

This fun promotional popsicles were created to keep Farm Design’s clients cool during the scorching California heat. They wanted something fresh that would remind clients of the summer season. I thought this was a cool way (no pun intended) of shaping the agency’s brand in a fun delicious manner. Read more here

Quit Smoking Packaging Concept by Prompt Design

Cigarette_New_Concept Cigarette_New_Concept02 Cigarette_New_Concept01

I’m all for quitting smoking, and this is possibly one of the best executions in packaging and customized boxes. It’s innovative design compares burning cigarettes with burning money, further implying that smoking not only destroys the smoker’s health, but their wealth as well. Read more over here

Ford Jekson

Ford Jekson (2) Ford Jekson Ford Jekson (3)

I thought this conceptual piece did a good job in marrying product use with functionality. Since bottles are usually thrown away, more people would decide to keep them if they served another purpose. Good work on saving the environment. Check out more images here

One Percent Packaging by Ryan Romanes

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Ryan designed this in collaboration with the people at Collectively 8. Everyone there contributed to the production of these boxes and it came out amazing. The overall concept and objective is pretty neat, read more about it here.


lovely-package-mustang-denim-1-e1401237284731 lovely-package-mustang-denim-4-e1401237463301lovely-package-mustang-denim-3-e1401237448164

I practically live in jeans, but if I bought one of these from Mustang, I probably wouldn’t wear it because it would be on display in my living room. Although it’s been a year (It was a limited edition denim in 2013), it still holds weight as a great example of package design that’s completely unique and carries the brand message. See more at here

Headphone Assignment by Alyssa Phillips

lovely-package-sonny-earbuds-1-e1395695490214  lovely-package-sonny-earbuds-2-e1395695564114

This design by Alyssa is a great example of taking an obsolete item like the cassette tape, and turning it into something useful again. See more here

Tycoon Playing Cards by Theory11

lovely-package-tycoon-playing-cards-1-e1410140069828 lovely-package-tycoon-playing-cards-5-e1410140217617 lovely-package-tycoon-playing-cards-9-e1410140297992

I’m not much of a gambler, but I do appreciate quality playing cards. These cards have been designed for display at the Waldorf Astoria, a gathering place for people in high places such as Warren Buffett, David Rockefeller, and the Queen of Morocco. See more goodies on Theory11’s site

Beer colors by Txaber

bdeb5660ecaec908d0a3a07ec9a35adf ce5e2990af4470baf7e34c75c8263b4b cddfe2a402a2d652272888d7341176a3

As much as I love colors, I love beer even more. Check out this concept and design based on the color of the beer. Each type of beer is associated with its corresponding Pantone color. See more here

VitaPack by Ágnes Gyömrei

8dac9b85a1d8c301511c2ff72d763040  cb6eaf629c090f84fc6b0014eff7e039 vitapack1

The VitaPack is an orange carrier. A perfect example of unique design coupled with functionality while shopping, the packaging could be ductile from square shape into lengthy shape if we tear it up along the perforation – so we could carry it simply if we have more things in our hands. Check out Ágnes portfolio

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