4 Web Design Trends Reseller Businesses Need To Know

Trends Design Fashion Marketing New Style Concept

What if you’re selling the best products and no one is buying?

For resellers, profit is about more than having a great product. Customers must know about your great product and about your business.

This is why your professional website is so important. As you design or re-design your website, there are some important web design trends you must understand to maximize profit.

Read on to learn about the 4 key trends you need to know.

Trends Design Fashion Marketing New Style Concept

Changing Web Design Trends

Some businesses make the mistake of thinking their websites should never change. However, a good business adapts its website to its customer’s needs and desires.

You must employ cutting-edge trends in order to stand out.

  1. Be Bright and Colorful

Business owners often think a dark website looks more professional. However, consumers actually enjoy the use of bright and dynamic colors on your website.

This use of bright color helps products and text leap off of the website. It also makes the consumer more interested in what is being sold.

One good example of this can be found at This site distributes a variety of supplements while also offering a variety of stylish designs. This includes bright and colorful photos of actual products and pages that forgo complete symmetry for a bold and adventurous design.

  1. Use Images of People

Professional resellers often place all of their emphasis on pictures of products. They assume that customers primarily want to focus on the products that they are considering buying.

Don’t get us wrong: product pictures are important. But it’s equally important to have pictures of people.

Use candid photos of both your team and customers. This makes everything seem more real to the consumer. They are more likely to buy products from a company they feel is authentic rather than generic or fake.

  1. Use Animation

One surprisingly important part of web design is using animations. The popularity of sharing Youtube videos and animated GIFs has translated to a consumer desire for moving images.

Recent years have shown an increase in consumer tools to help you create videos. And it’s always possible to outsource this task to professionals.

Make sure your animations complement your overall tone and brand. Most importantly, make sure they offer solid information to consumers and are not just “fluff.”

  1. No More Fearful Symmetry

Most websites before 2016 used symmetrical design. This simply meant that everything on the left and right sides of the site was lined up with each other. This makes it easy to read everything.

However, it also makes the site boring and predictable. Asymmetrical design is one of the web design trends designed to make your site stand out.

Try experimenting with creative placement of text and images. Imagine your site as more like a really creative magazine layout instead of a traditional website.

This design forces visitors to look all around the site. It turns even a simple website click into a journey of exploration. Best of all, it makes your site seem unique.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Web design can be intimidating. This is especially true if you were never trained as a designer.

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

To stay on the cutting edge, check out CrazyLeafDesign’s web design secrets today!


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