Why WordPress is Still the Best CMS

After its earliest inception in 2003, WordPress quickly took over the internet, and only six years later in 2009 was concluded to have the best brand strength of all open-source content management systems by the Open Source CMS MarketShare Report.
Not to be confused with, the personal publishing system counterpart, the software package free to download from is a fully-fledged CMS that can be coded in absolutely any way you want. It’s now successfully shaken off its misinformed reputation of being only ‘blog’ software.

As of early 2017, it’s known that 58.7% of all websites, whose CMS are known, are powered by WordPress – no mean feat.

WordPress is Still the Best CMS

Here, we’re going to list just how exactly WordPress has gone from strength to strength, its best features and its testimonials, to convince any of you who may be doubting that WordPress is the CMS you should be using for your site.

ALL Web Developers Know WordPress – You’ll Never be Without Help

Since so much of the internet is based on WordPress, it’s integral for developers to know how it functions. You can safely assume that 99% of all professional developers (and equally as many hobby/amateur ones) know their way around WordPress software.
Hiring a developer or specialized WordPress management services will get you a brand new, state of the art website in no time, because these tech wizards know how to build from them practically on autopilot.
If you know your business but not your web development, get in touch with the experts today.

There’s Plenty of Resources to Help You Learn It Yourself

You don’t have to be a coding prodigy to pick up where your original developer left off. With your template in place, you can easily work out how to add posts and tweak your site. What’s more is that if you ever need to hire a different developer from the first, they’ll be able to read the code and work from it much better than if it had been hand-written.

There’s a ton of YouTube videos, guides and online courses available to train you up in WordPress should you want to learn a new skill yourself. It’s an insanely useful thing to know and you can learn as and when you like – why not make it a New Year’s Resolution?

It Can be Made Fully Secure

This is a huge point that many people raise when sceptical about using WordPress to build their site. However, Automattic, the company who own WordPress, state that they employ over 25 people whose sole job is to keep the system tightly secure from hacks and viruses.
Of course, security threats are prevalent everywhere in this day and age, so optimizing your security is integral no matter what CMS you use. Hiring a WordPress management team can help you do this.
CNN, The New York Times and Vogue use WordPress as their CMS – if these goliath, worldwide sites trust their business with WordPress, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!

It’s Great for SEO

The latest Google algorithms value new and original content, which they put straight to the top of search engine results. WordPress makes it easy to add content whenever and however you like, and supports hundreds of (free) plug-ins that help developers in optimizing SEO.

It’s Instantly Compatible with Any Device

WordPress knows that most websites are viewed via mobile these days; its sites are completely and instantly mobile-ready, configured for the best view on any device. This includes tablets and any phone software too. WordPress is totally responsive and up-to-date with the times.

It’s Still FREE

Somehow, this godsend software is still open-source and free for anyone to use. Where’s the catch, you ask? There has, amazingly, never been one.
It’s constantly being updated (for free), and round-the-clock tested and monitored (still for free), under the GNU General Public License. Anyone can download and use the software, and you retain all copyright over all the code and content you add.

There are plenty more reasons why WordPress is the web’s go-to CMS, but we hope we’ve dispelled a few myths here. The most important point remains that WordPress is the most user-friendly platform after it’s been initially coded by a developer, to make sure your site is water-tight secure, and its design is in place. After this, ultimate flexibility is yours. Happy coding!

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