Website Design Tricks for Your Pest Control Business

You’re a pest control business owner — what do you know about web design and digital marketing? If you’re like most, you know little to nothing.

But this shouldn’t stop you from having a website and a high ranking on Google. Without both, you’ll struggle with getting traffic and conversions.

Every business should have a quality website. And this is especially important since there are hundreds of millions of mobile users in America. And about 50% visit a store or business within one day after making a local search.

This means you need to make it as easy as possible for local prospects to find you. And once they do, your website should be attractive and user-friendly.

With the following tips, you can ensure your pest control business website is on point. Let’s begin.

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Use a Design that’s User-Friendly

If visitors come to your website and it’s difficult to navigate, then they’re going to bounce away. And when your website has a high bounce rate, this negatively affects your search engine ranking.

Now, there are multiple factors that play a role in user-friendliness. For instance, the design should be accessible on desktops and mobile devices. However, rather than building a separate mobile website, you can opt for a responsive design.

A responsive design responds to the device visitors are using. If it’s mobile, then the mobile version shows up and the same applies to desktops.

It’s also important to make it easy for users to find your navigation menus and buttons. Use a traditional layout with the buttons in the same positions as you’ll find on other sites.

Then make the actual design unique to your own business, such as the colors, font, and imagery.

Create a Blog with Informative Content

The number one resource for finding information is Google. If your content shows up in search engines, then more visitors will come to your site. And if you’re delivering high-quality and high-value content, then they’ll stick around a bit longer.

You can easily add a blog to your website by using WordPress. It’s also easy to use for scheduling future content and adding images, links, and videos. Don’t forget to include a call to action in each post, which brings us to the next web design trick.

Make Your Calls to Action Big & Clear

Every pest control business website should have calls to action on each page. It’s best to place them at the top and bottom of each page. And they should be easy to see.

For example, this mosquito exterminators website does this well.

Your calls to action should be clear and concise, so your visitors know exactly what they should do next. For instance, you can ask them to call, complete a quote form or request an appointment online.

Show Social Proof to Build Trust

One form of social proof users like to see before buying a service is customer reviews. They can typically find this on Google My Business pages, Yelp, and other review sites.

It’s great to have these, but it’s also important to showcase reviews and testimonials on your website. This way, first-time visitors can find everything they need to make a decision in one place.

You can have a special page on your website dedicated to testimonials. And/or you can include relevant reviews at the bottom of each service page.

For example, you can place reviews about your rodent extermination service on the service page.

Make Unique Landing Pages

Your pest control business offers multiple services. This means you have different customers needing different things. If you’re using pay-per-click ads or just content marketing, then you should drive traffic to specific landing pages.

For instance, if you have an ad or blog post about mosquito pest control, then you should have a link pointing to the landing page for your mosquito service.

Landing pages are very useful in providing users with more information to help them convert. Make sure to optimize your landing page with keywords, images, and easy-to-scan content.

Use Lots of Imagery

A website filled with text is a boring site. It’ll quickly lose the interest of your visitors. There are plenty of ways you can add images that are relevant to the pest control industry.

For example, you can show images of your products or your workers performing a service. Different photos of the pests you exterminate will also work.

Make sure to optimize your images by inserting keywords in the Alt text. This is what shows up when an image doesn’t load, so the user can see what the photo was supposed to be. Plus, it helps search engine bots to crawl your images and index them into the search engine page results (SERPs).

Create a Clutter-Free Design

We all know how clutter can bring about pests in the home. And the same goes for your website, except the clutter can drive away wanted visitors.

Make sure your web design is clean and professional. The text should be easy to see and read. And there shouldn’t be too many images and links.

This is especially important for your home page. This should introduce your brand and point visitors to your services and contact us pages.

Your calls to action should be above the fold and at the bottom of the homepage. Include a site map beneath the page, so users can find their way around quickly.

Get a Professional Pest Control Business Website Design

Unless you have great coding and design knowledge, you’ll need the assistance of a professional to build your website. At CrazyLeaf Design, we specialize in web development and graphic design.

You can use these to help improve your overall website and branding. We also have a blog filled with actionable advice for marketing your website.

Stop by today or contact us to learn how we can help improve your website.


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