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Visme – Interactive Online Presentations, Infographics, animations and banners made easy

Probably everyone at some time in their life needs to express their thoughts and ideas to others in the form of content. You can need this at your work, at school or even in your family life. The forms of content we are talking about are presentations, animations, infographics and others.

Most of us already have some sort of software to solve all these, like Powerpoint. The thing is that most of these programs and apps are outdated and don’t take into consideration new technologies, such as HTML5.

Visme is a HTML5 based online app you can use to translate your thoughts and ideas into content. Everything takes place in your browser, so you’ll have access to it from your office, from your home or, if you are a student, from school.


With a very extensive beta program with over 65000 participants, Visme has been refined to offer you the best possible content creation experience. Using this awesome online app you can create presentations, animations, banners and infographics with ease.

Even blogger can benefit from the simplicity in creation content that Visme is famous for. Placing engaging interactive presentations, infographics or static banners between paragraphs of text can improve the user experience, bring more visitors and keep the existing ones returning.

The actual presentation creation can start with pre-existing professionally designed templates or you can start from a blank project.

In terms of price Visme is free for all users, as well as most of its functions. For more advanced functions such as project download for offline use, password protection, access to premium widgets and templates there’s a small under $5 / month fee. The easy project download function is quite useful and is one of the things that makes Visme stand out from its competitors. You have the ability to embed your Visme project on your blog or website, or save it as an image, PDF or HTML preserving its full interactivity.

Visme Templates

A few example projects made with Visme

Visme summary

Visme key features

Easy to use

Creating presentations, animations and infographics has never been easier. Although there are lots of other programs for creating visual content, most of them have a high learning curve, are hard to use or cost too much.

With Visme you have an easy to use interface that you will feel comfortable with it within a few minutes, you can access it from anywhere and it’s free.

Visme Dashboard

One other great thing about Visme is that it doesn’t require any previous design experience. You just create an account and start working.

It’s a multi-tool

Most of Visme’s competitors focus on only one aspect of visual content, such as only presentations or only infographics. With visme you can create multiple types of visual content with ease and the great thing is that is does it great.

HTML5 ready

Anther great advantage of Visme is that it supports one of the latest technologies available, HTML5. Your projects will benefit from the advantages that come with this technology, such as speed and mobile friendliness.

You can download your project

Although Visme is an online tool, you have the option of downloading your project in various formats. You can also implement your project in a web project with easy embed. The downloadable formats available are image, PDF or HTML5 project.

Full animation engine

The animation engine used by Visme is very powerful yet easy to use. Any object in your animation or presentation can be animated by selecting it and choosing “Animate this object”. It’s that easy.

Visme Animation Dashoboard

Lots of assets and resources

To create your project Visme gives you access to millions of resources you can use to develop your projects, such as fonts, icons, buttons, shapes, stock images all organized nicely in over 20 categories. All you have to do is select the item from the menu and insert it in your project. Here you can edit it’s color and position.

Visme Shapes, Icons and Banners

Charts and graphs

One of the easiest ways to translate numbers in a coherent visual representations is represented by charts and graphs.Speed-o-meters, counters, ribbons and radial dials, they’re all present in Visme and everyone allows full customization.

You can easily create pie, bar or linear charts from you numerical data. you even have the ability to import data and create your chart based on that.

Visme Charts and Graphs


Visme has created over 100 fonts you can use in your projects. Simple drag and drop a text to stage and click on the font dropdown to select from a variety of fonts in all popular styles. You will find contemporary, handwritten, caligraphy or even typewriter onts and the best part is that you can add a font to a word and another font to the next word in the same paragraph.

Visme Fonts

Create Slide Decks (Presentations)

One of the best features of Visme is the ability to create presentations. You can add an unlimited number of slides, you can add, edit, delete or control the transition between slides. All this online, plus you can easily download your presentation for online use.

Visme Presentations

Visme is a wonderful online tool you can use to easily create visual content and have it available anywhere. We like it and we recommend it.

Check out Visme now

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