8 Things to Focus Upon to Create User Friendly Website Navigation

Most of the internet users are losing their patience when they surf in certain websites which offer difficulty of producing relevant information. This is the main problem for most website designer who failed to acquire sufficient traffic. As a webpage developer, you need to establish a plan on how to improve your website. This goes with the webpage design and layout that can attract your targeted clients.

The webpage designs can determine the outcome of your website. That is why most of the webpage developers who win the trophy go with user-friendly and interactive websites. A website that has good and quality design attracts the internet user and holds them for awhile. The purpose of good website design is to acquire potential customers or clients. The major factor that can affect the impact of your website is its design.

What is Website Navigation?

Website Navigation

The navigation serves as the venue for surfers who are looking for important information according to their interests. Based on the current studies, one of the most pressing issues that is correlated to the inability of the website to acquire sufficient traffic is its content and design. Interactive designs help the webpage developer to make their website produces quick and relevant information for the internet users.

Good Navigation?

The process of having good navigation for your site demands your patience and persistence to reach the desired goal. Below we have discussed these things briefly.

User Friendly Website Navigation

1. Be Persistent with Your Quality Web Design

You need to be persistent with the design or layout of your website. You should stick with one and simple theme because most internet users are easily tired with websites that has complicated layouts. This goes with the colors, style, placement, and king of the navigation bars.

2. Be Resourceful and Avoid Complications

You need to create a website that has simple and easy navigation. This makes the user to easily obtain the needed information. Avoid using complex designs and layout. It will drive away your internet visitors.

As much as possible you need to stick with simple layouts. Avoid overly customizing your website because most of the internet users are not used to complicated sites. You need to focus with sections that are rich with relevant information instead of paying too much attention with the website design.

3. Less is Better

You need to limit your navigation icons or keys. This might confuse your internet visitors. If you have so many tabs that are included in the website, reduce it to and focus with the contents. Visitors who failed to acquire the needed information because of too many icons will fall into nothing.

4. Give Emphasis to “Contact Us” Button

Most visitors who are interested with the contents of your website are more likely to communicate with you. In order to maximize this potential, you need to give intensified emphasis on the “Contact Us” button. Give proper contact form or email there so they can reach you easily and also respond to their queries as soon as possible so make their sticky to your website.

5. Use Back Button

Your website must imply wizard helper. This means that your site must perfectly guide your internet visitors while they surf your site. Putting a “back button” on your website is a good option.

6. Map Site Button Must be Accessible

You need to make this as one of your priorities. This will serve as the frontline of your site. Put this in a place where it can be easily accessed. It will direct your visitors to the right place at your site and will act like a guide to navigate through it.

7. Use Proper Color Combination with smoothing Effect on Eyes

You also need to keep the website theme soothing to the eyes of your visitors. The fonts and color must match and produces calming effect. Make sure to keep the “Call to Action” button visible as well. Most visitors will not take the risk of clicking the “click here” button without specifying the action.

8. Put ‘Home Page’ Icon on Every Web page

If possible, you need to include “Home Page” icon. You must put this icon on every pages of your website. This way, you will be able to guide your internet visitors in your website.

Designing a website can be very challenging. However, it only needs you to have compassion on it and make the most out of your technical knowledge. Besides going through this piece of writing you can visit those sites which are popular for their good and user friendly navigation to see how these rules have been implemented in their web design to facilitate visitor to navigate through the website easily despite their huge sizes and variety of content elements.

Another way to have quality sites with good and user friendly navigation is to use online website builders like IM Creator etc. If you want to use such quality online website builder then visit today and design your desired quality sites at no cost at all.

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