40 most beautiful and inspirational website designs of 2008

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257 Responses

  1. This is indeed a beautiful selection, Alex. Thank you for sharing these inspirational designs with us 🙂

  2. liam says:

    Beautiful round up, completely agree with all of these. Nice one.

  3. David Airey says:

    I particularly like Karim Zurita’s design for it’s simplicity. Nice complilation!

    My last blog post : 6 months of Logo Design Love

  4. graham says:

    Superb selection, I really like blogsolid..

    My last blog post : 29% of teens’ Sats marks delayed

  5. such a very nice collection:)keep up the god work

    My last blog post : 10 Best Resources for Free High Quality Icons

  6. Cool, some good inspiration there.

  7. adelle says:

    great work on this one, love seeing posts that have new and fresh inspiration!

    My last blog post : Steven Snell had his sights on the big leagues

  8. CMS Nerd says:

    Great blog and a great list of sites we have here. Thank you for taking the time to create this list. It will come to some good use. 🙂

    My last blog post : Portfolio’s Friend

  9. Blogsolid and Efingo are big personal favorites of mine. Great run-down.

  10. wow I like this list, very inspiration thank you for sharing this one.

    My last blog post : livingforart ~ Croatia

  11. ash says:

    Great Collection but some are not so good.

  12. PS3.uk says:

    Fabulous example!
    by N.Design Studio.

  13. Brian says:

    Beautiful and inspirational designs – yes. Of 2008? Not always. I noticed some of these designs date back to 2007 and a couple of them to 2006 and earlier. While this is a fantastic roundup of some great designs, it might be a bit premature to call this post “of 2008” 😉

    But no harm – these are some great designs!

    My last blog post : 30 Most Inspirational Blog Designs

  14. Wow, the word used when lost for words, it indicated total astonishment and captivated emotion on every level, visual and spiritual.. Totally awesome! ^^, Thanks to Saizen Media Studios for capturing a corner of fantasy, it’s where reality is born.. Caio

  15. Alex says:

    Jason, I am glad you enjoyed the article. Stay tunned, there’s gonna be monthly website design inspiration articles, like this.

  16. Simon North says:

    Great roundup, some really nice designs there.

    My last blog post : HD Todaily – 21/08/08

  17. These are really great websites/..

    Thanks for the Post

    My last blog post : Vista Black Icons

  18. Betty Webb says:

    You are NUTS…. with a very few exceptions… this stuff is total CRAP… UGLY !!!

  19. Alex says:

    @Betty … Everybody is in entitled to an opinion here. I would be very curious on what you find beatiful, if these designs are “crap”.

  20. insic says:

    wow nice list you have here.

  21. Alexis says:

    These designs are beautiful, but all out of the same mould – they are very very intricate and at times fussy. Simple, clean design could suit one or two of the more commercial sites a bit more.

  22. andi says:

    CRAZY stuff

  23. frank says:

    Good collection.

    @Betty Webb. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? Don’t hold back.


    My last blog post : monoface

  24. Some brilliant examples on there, thanks for sharing mate

    My last blog post : FREE Solitaire – No signup required

  25. RoeBlogger says:

    This is helpful for me cause I’m still starting my blog about graphic design. These are really cool websites. It inspires me to create one for me. Thanks for sharing this.

  26. abs says:

    wow these websites are really good! I hope i can be as good as these people some day

  27. Sarah says:

    I am so grateful to this amazing site as it is a huge help to me in creating my site! Thx :o)

  28. Web designer says:

    Excellent work, That’s a great collection of site to get inspired by.

  29. Manav says:

    This was an absolutely wonderful experience for me. Its a jawdropping collection and i mean it. Thanx for the collection.

  30. ArtGDen says:

    Nice thanks..))))

  31. Thomas James says:

    A great website really love the designs, the site that left me with my mouth open is the Saizen Media Studios website!! Amazing!! Very inspiring.

  32. Alex says:

    @Thomas … Glad you liked our list. Saizen Media is also one of our favorite websites designs. Stay tuned … at the beginning of December we’ll publish Top 100 most beautiful website designs of 2008. In the mean time you can check our web gallery for some inspiration : CLD Web Gallery

  33. trikkk says:

    hmm very good collection,i would love if you put my blog also in it ,i just launched a few days earlier and its very beautifull see

    My last blog post : Team Viewer -Controlling a Computer from another

  34. Aswathy says:

    Most of these designs listed here are simple, out of the box. Well I couldn’t find any of them to be UGLY. They are inspiring and different too.

  35. Tanaka13 - Créations du Net says:

    great inspirational sites! a must! thank you for that awesome post.

  36. Webdesign says:

    Very nice collection. Highly inspiring!

  37. Navid says:

    Waaao….Really these are v.beautiful websites….. I am amazed and impressed

  38. This is my first visit to your website and looking on, I’m impressed! Great design! I like your content!

    Ann Torres

  39. Di Kennedy says:

    I really love all the collage based sites, they are so inspiring and every time I look at them I want to redesign my site or create new sites…

  40. Shannon Fox says:

    Thanks for taking the time to put together this really great collection.

  41. Pravith.R says:

    Yo frien Its soooooooooo superb collection….

  42. Behnam says:

    Beautiful websites, thanks.

  43. fatma says:

    very very good web site, thanks

  44. Awesome collection… Thanks.

  45. wh says:

    That’s so cool! Perfect!

  46. Thanks for such an inspirational collection – I particularly like the Saizen Media Studios design, but they’re all great!

  47. Hey.. Lemme tell you something, your blog looks great and it has some really great content, including this.

    I really like the Design Disease blog

    Subscribing to your RSS aswell 😉


  48. Ovi Dogar says:

    Wow…amazing collection!

    Keep up the great work! 😉

    Ovi Dogar

  49. Sajain says:

    Yeah really good collection! Cheers!!

  50. Excellent collections for web design.This site is inspired me to think innovative ideas about web design. Thanks for an inspired list of resources.
    I have “Platoon” Technologies, is a leading Web Design and Development service provider,to cater complete internet solutions right from basic web design to advanced web application using the latest technologies in World Wide Web. We are experts in Web 2.0 Standards with excellent skills in LAMP,.Net and Adobe design suites.

  51. Morris Junior says:

    Wow this is beautiful…I love it…Great work..
    This has given me clue to designing a great website.

  52. Hero says:

    Hey, these sites are really nice, have you seen http://www.itrungs.com

  53. heios says:

    very impressive.

  54. Daniel H says:

    Sorry to add to a really old post, but http://siteinspire.net is an excellent showcase of inspirational websites

  55. Yuditya says:

    great. Really good collection.

  56. Great collection,really good inspiration. I like looking at well designed websites to see a variety of styles, as a designer myself, im conscious of of not getting into a style rut.

  57. Very good list. thanks

  58. ambreen says:

    a very nice list and a good collection.

  59. john dobbs says:

    You must want to do Larissa Meek. Her site ain’t so good.

  60. Alex says:

    John, although your comment is pretty inappropriate we decided to publish it anyway. Larissa Meek is a very good designer working for a top design agency and the fact that she is a woman and actually looks good doesn’t make her less of a designer. Her website, in our opinion is top quality and that’s why she is in our list.

  61. fred says:

    sites are awesome.
    i wish i could make such beauty

  62. Rebecca says:

    Very nice list. I am curious as to what qualities you look for in a site for it to make the cut?

  63. Alex says:

    @Rebecca … To be considered for such a list a website must be aesthetically pleasing, standard compliant, well-coded, extreme attention to detail is a must, color scheme, style, uniqueness etc.

  64. blogekle says:

    Very good list. thanks

  65. keşan says:

    for all thanks

  66. Kyle says:

    For this year’s list could i be so bold as to suggest http://www.whatwewishfor.com? A friend designed it and I think it’s a worthy contender. Would love your feedback.

  67. Kyle says:

    btw I too think it’s a great list!

  68. ajansz says:

    for all thanks

  69. Waseem says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great websites..Thanks a lot.

  70. softlogic says:

    very nice site it seems to be a great list.

  71. Alessandro says:

    wirklich nette Designs 🙂

  72. madhu says:

    simply superb********

  73. Sheena says:

    Its really nice and aesthetic collection of websites….

  74. Thanks. Gourgeus designs

  75. mahesh says:

    superb work,
    Great designs

  76. himel says:

    thankzz great collections……

  77. Aditya says:

    Really superb……………….

  78. thanks for the collection of really good designs.

  79. Ares Vista says:

    Truly inspiring! Great list of amazing designs. Thank you!

  80. shats says:

    GOOD WORK!!!

  81. travesti says:

    thanks for the collection…

  82. Excellent. Absolutely love some of these. Thanks

  83. Wow – some really great work – bucketfulls of beautiful web design inspiration . . . thanks!

  84. Avery says:

    nice sharing,thank you.

  85. Amit Guleria says:


  86. j000 says:

    very cool I’m tweeting them

  87. esale says:

    Very beautiful templates.

  88. ubaid says:

    sick man

  89. ubaid says:


  90. Neo says:

    Specially that of saizen media is excellent…
    Thanks for the wonderful list of designs

  91. venue finder says:

    amazing!! really nice designs here, i really liked the saizden media design.

  92. thanks..very nice..

  93. James says:

    Superb collection of website really superb liked ail the designs, i think i was missing the few designing ideas and concepts good one!!

  94. Mack says:

    saizen is more cooler

  95. Oil Guy says:

    Some great designs here. i am looking to build out a geographical name, and the guide to prague is great inspiration.

  96. D-Sign says:

    Seems most of the beautiful websites are from the creative industry. Figures!

  97. Ooh I always enjoy looking at these. Great ones.

  98. Ryan says:

    Great Inspiration! Good job on the use of wood and vintage on The Hemmingway collection website.

  99. omg~~ those site all is beautiful, i like the Dann Wittaker Creative very much! 🙂 thanks for your share!

  100. Autonomy says:

    Wow. This is a fantastic collection. I must say I was very pleased to see The Ernest Hemingway Collection as I was already a fan. Thanks for compiling such a great list of talents.

  101. Thank you very much, I am closely following your site really give much useful information have, in respect for the site administrator. I wish you continued success.

  102. Very fantastic collection! will check back to “steal” inspiration from your examples!

  103. It’s 2009 now (almost 2010 in fact). the designs still look so cool!

  104. Really great collection very inspiring websites. I agree the commenter above me its 2010 almost now and these website still look cool and cover the new designs ideas.
    Thanks for sharing.

  105. Really very nice collection.Thanks for sharing

  106. rajesh says:

    inspiring collection. tfs

  107. Thanks, Really nice collection. Thank you for your attempt. I have got so many new ideas.

  108. AndyC says:

    Thanks for sharing so freely, much appreciated.

  109. Gilroy says:

    Really Cool and inspiring website designs. You have done the creative work. Thanks for sharing.

  110. Hey! This is a great compilation. Thank you for your nice work

  111. good collections.good job.keep it up.

  112. Great collection indeed

  113. Ed says:

    Nice selction of artisitic desings – TFS 🙂

  114. avn.rocky says:

    Great Designs – All are fantastic – avn

  115. Aik says:

    Very cool! Beautiful sites, great ideas!
    Thx for the collection!

  116. Jeff says:

    The Saizen design is my favorite. Even though these are 2008 designs, they still look good in 2010.

  117. Arif says:

    Very helpful for me.Thanks a lot for posting.

  118. Babak says:

    thanks! but i think your website is better!
    first:these pages is painting (i mean these paintings is nice but arent useful for web page)
    second: this page is very heavy(another thing a web designer must regard)

  119. seko.ir says:

    Beautiful sites

  120. Amit Rohilla says:

    Very beautiful and interactive design!

  121. Fernando says:

    nice… abraço do Brasil

  122. Kenny says:

    Very nice webdesign collection.

  123. James says:

    Creative pieces, shame there aren’t many business related ones.

  124. Awesome collection ! Thanks.

  125. Richard King says:

    What a superb collection of sites. Have a look at ours, let me know what you think

  126. I like Kurak design most and also all the designs are wonderful.

  127. solar says:

    These sites are awesome. I want to use these guys for my next site

  128. paragsus says:

    hey thanx … i could see some most beautiful site , these all sites are looking great …

  129. Kunal says:

    Awesome collection but if you collect flash AS3 portfolios collections then it will more helpful…

  130. rarcntv says:

    Really Crazy Collection. Thanks

  131. Resham says:

    thanks @@@@@
    Awesome !!!! collection,****** i am learning web-designing, so all these can help me in gaining knowledge.

  132. vinoth says:

    Excellent collections for wonderful inspiration.Thanks a lot.

  133. MeWsLi says:

    they’re all damn cool!

  134. Wow great collection.

  135. John says:

    They are very cool collection! Superb! 🙂

  136. Brian says:

    I think my favorite is The Great Design blog, but they are all nice sites.

  137. Feodosiya says:

    I,m like Slabovia.tv…

  138. Sweet collection of designs, really inspiring!!

  139. azman says:

    that very cool

  140. Susan Sylvia says:

    I am designing my own website and I find this selection so inspiring! I love the newer looks that are a little grungy and where the elements and icons to select are in unexpected places. I noticed that a few of the sites are under construction — I guess no grass grows under the fee of the creative! I hope to find my own site on your list someday ! Thanks for the research. Someone has to find all these cool looking sites!

  141. livyah says:

    totally beautiful!

  142. Thanks for this. It should help me get some inspiration for a newdesign!

  143. dotSense says:

    Awesome designs, and thank you very much for collecting great resources!

  144. hesvinc says:


  145. iovision says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing…………

  146. savita says:

    Saizen Media AND Kurak, are too good designs. Thanks for huge and creative collection!!

  147. traverten says:

    Awesome designs, and thank you very much for collecting great resources!

  148. Deana Meske says:

    Beautiful inspirational design ! Great work ! This is really awesome.

  149. dotsense says:

    Fantastic creations, loads of good inspiration.

  150. Sydney says:

    I was looking for some inspirations for my web page assignment. This really brighten me up 😀 Thx 😀

  151. Anonymous says:

    Nice collection!!!! thanks for sharing us………..

  152. Gary Keene says:

    Many of these portfolio links are dead.

  153. Alex Ionescu says:

    Well, it’s been 3 years since we published the article…

  154. A good selection of beautiful sites

  155. Danypermana says:

    like this Dann Wittaker Creative , amazing design… so far nice collection..

  156. very beautiful websites.. I’m amazed..seriously

  157. I really like the website of Saizen Media Studios.

  158. Thirdsoul.eu says:

    Amazing Portfolio designs !

  159. Really good design inspiration.

  160. I think the sites are really beautiful and good collection.

  161. Winnikki9 says:

    realy nice this one

  162. Web Designer says:

    Amazing Blog………….

  163. Anonymous says:

    I like the site with the notebook.  Great post.

  164. Pretty good selection of websites. 

  165. Marina says:

    Really nice ones

  166. I really like the Dana’s Garden. It suits my style.

  167. These are all nice! thanks for the share…

  168. Designerjoshi565 says:


  169. Sandeep Ronak says:


  170. rickystephen123 says:

    very nice

  171. WOW the designs are great. I liked all the design they are good and attractive. But I liked pixel criminals the most.

  172. Do you have the list of awesome web design list for 2012?

  173. Very good collection of designs.

  174. I’d like to make my website like “Saizen Media Studios”.

  175. A very good collection of websites.

  176. Like the concept of Dann Wittaker Creative.

  177. Sanjay Gupta says:

    I like the great design. It is so good website and good work. Its very useful for webdesigners. Thanks olot ….

  178. Really beautiful collection of web design.

  179. Ayesha says:

    Saizen Media caught my eyes initially. Awesome designs and I am sure there are a few legends in this. I wish my website be listed here some day.

  180. Showmi says:

    Lovely inspirational website designs collection here . Especially Pixel Criminals is very nice for me .

  181. Its a huge around 40 list of design related website list. Thanks for sharing.

  182. muzik dinle says:

    Thank you beautiful list

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