Top 10 : Social Media Websites to Promote Your Design Links and Articles

Promoting your articles can be a really difficult task, with so many promotional websites available. And that is only half of the problem, because even if you get loads of traffic on your website it doesn’t mean a thing if it’s not quality traffic. What does that mean ? Well, in our case you would want designers or people in the design industry. Why ? Because that’s (y)our target and there’s a higher chance you’ll get a lower bounce rate.

To put it simply 200 visitors that browse an average of 5 pages on your website (because they are actually interested in your quality content) and stay 5 minutes on your website is better than 500 visitors that browse an average of 1.2 pages and stay an average of 10 seconds on your website. This and the fact that those 200 designer visitors will be more likely to come back to your website at least once more, lead to the obvious conclusion that quality traffic matters. Below there are 10 websites that will turn back quality traffic. There are a lot more than these 10 websites, but in out experience these websites have been rewarding over time.


Website : StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is probably the best website for this. For us it has provided in time over 1 million visitors. The quality of the traffic is really good since people browse the website based on topics of interest. The down-side is that getting something popular on StumbleUpon is really hard. The best chance of getting an article viral is having great, original content.


Website : Digg

Getting something on Digg‘s first page is incredibly hard, but once there, get your website’s cache into lockdown because the traffic will only keep incoming.


Website : Facebook

I don’t think this needs an introduction. If you are reading this article, you probably have a Facebook account, not to mention that probably every breathing designer in this world has a Facebook. Besides that there are large designer groups and pages you can check out and share links with fellow designers.


Website : Twitter

One of our favorite social media websites, Twitter offers you a huge potential for quality traffic, because people that follow you are directly interested in what you post. There also the option of having your articles published on your profile automatically via websites link TwitterFeed.

CSS Globe

Website : CSS Globe

On CSS Globe quality is the key word. They only accept high quality articles, but the ones that make it return a good amount of traffic. Overall a great website, that I personally find it challenges me to be a better writer every time.

Design Float

Website : DesignFloat

Probably the oldest design social media website based on Pligg, Design Float has a new owner for about 1 year and it’s still going strong. I have noticed some great changes on this website recently and almost exclusively quality links.

Design Bump

Website : Design Bump

Based on Drupal’s Drigg platform, Design Bump established itself as one of the most robust and stable design social media website. The return traffic is really good, so submission here is a must.


Website : Reddit

Reddit is an amazing online community populated by cool, smart and funny people and to be honest, one of the few websites I visit every single day. It has a design section, but getting your articles popular here is really hard. You have to come up with some really unique and amazing content in order to surprise the redditors.


Website : Design Newz

Design Newz is a solid website to promote your articles and links. The submission process is really easy, you don’t need an account and the return traffic is really good.


Website : zaBox

Yes, I know …. zaBox is our website and you probably think we are being subjective here. Well, yes and no. Yes, it is a part of our network and obviously we want to promote it and no because, well, we can’t afford to promote junk on CrazyLeaf. Never did. Never will. zaBox is a good, growing community with over 30000 members and the manual screening of all submissions assures 100% a non-spamy and quality environment. Plus after the new changes, only users that keep posting fresh and good content get promoted to the front page assuring quality content at all times.

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