Have you tried out WordPress page builders? Here’s what you need to know.

Before the page builders came into the market, you had to be an expert in either HTML/CCS or in short coding for you to create a good web layout. Then came the page builders that have made the job easier for experts and even beginners to customize their web pages. Different page builders have a variety of features to make it possible for you to completely change your web layout according to what makes you feel is appropriate for your web visitors. WordPress page plugins have been on the rise in the recent years, each of them offering a different feature. You can get a WordPress page builder plugin either for free or subscribe to a premium page builder.

What is a page builder?

Customizing a page was out of question back in the 90s; one had to settle for a lame looking website only designed to give the site visitors a rough idea about your product. Then came the agonizing shortcodes era only to mock the HTML-challenged. Now all that is long gone and forgotten, you don’t have to stress yourself about manual code editing.  Basically, a page builder is a tool that allows the user to construct a page without going through the stressful manual encoding. When using a page builder, you get to design your own web page just the way you like it. Page builders come into categories; one the offline and two the online page builders. Online page builders are provided by web hosting companies that require the user to sign up and build their private site. On the other hand, offline page builder or otherwise referred to as website design software is a program that runs on a computer or PC allowing the user to create pages which can later be published on any host. Online website page builders are quick to use and user-friendly, unlike the website design software that requires experience, online page builders can be run by almost anyone without requiring any experience.


Why is it necessary to have a page builder on your WordPress website?

Page builder plugins have made it easy for everyone to design a website as a hobby, for small businesses or an event. The driving force is a low level of skill is needed to start designing a web, turning it into “you can do it by yourself” kind of task. This has brought about growth in small businesses in the recent years. One of the key features that make WordPress page builders a must have is the speed improvement. Not unless you are really handy and quick at coding, otherwise, with a page builder you can build your pages as you can see them as opposed to building them out of writing codes. It not only saves you time but also a huge amount of cash that would have been used to pay a web developer.

WordPress page plugins cater for all walks of people including internet marketers. With the e-commerce plugin, you get to test your marketing ideas add a few things, remove others that you may think are a distraction. You simply get to decide how your product page will work or look like at the same time growing your audience. Neatly packed page builders that will capture your and promote user interaction through social sharing buttons is just the tip of the iceberg of the functionality of WordPress plugins.

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