The history of police motorcycle designs

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17 Responses

  1. Tisk knih says:

    Just a small correction, Czech motocycle belongs to military police, regular state police looks different. Nice article though.

  2. Morgan says:

    Cool police bikes. I would like to be a cop in UK where i can enjoy the ride.
    Check out the motorcycles in India.
    fuel economy, motorcycles comparison

  3. homeinczechr says:

    thank you……..its great to have the knowledge about history of police motorcycle designs. Photos of police motorcycles in various countries….

  4. Ali says:

    The photo of Turkish Police can not be Turkish. The coat of arms on front of it looks like Singaporean coat of arms.

  5. aira says:

    good job at the same time great idea..keep it up!

  6. It seems that some countries favor more of a racing style to their police motorbikes, versus countries that go with a cruiser style.

  7. Biker Jacket says:

    The German, Norway, and United Kingdom selections look like they are set to chase down anyone that crosses their paths.

  8. Used RV says:

    It is great that you shared knowledge about history of police motorcycle designs. Photos of police motorcycles in various countries . Thanks for sharing your vauable information with us & updating our knowledge with this post

  9. Hino Trucks says:

    Great pics.. and the post as well . it’s very informative .
    I like the police motorcycle from united kingdom. nice bike..

  10. Interesting article i had no idea that the police had been using motorbikes for so long. Great pics too, really brings life to the post

  11. cris says:

    hey Ali that motocycle is from turkey. I saw it in Istanbul when I was on vacation with my family.

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