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Spiral Graphics Releases 4th Free Texture Collection

To use all of these Free Graphics and PSD mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

Spiral Graphics, best known for its Genetica Texture Editor for Windows, has released the fourth free texture collection. Genetica is most used by 3D modeling professionals, but also by 2D illustration artists.

Spiral Graphics Releases 4th Free Texture Collection

What makes Genetica unique is that it uses presets to generate textures, thus making a resolution-independent format. This make possible to render textures up to 3000×3000 px, with the possibility of embedding effect maps.

This fourth release includes a collection of textures, both in JPG and GTX (Genetica) format. GTX files are useful with Genetica Viewer which is distributed free. There are a variety of adjustments that can be made with Genetica Viewer, such as color changes, re-randomizing a texture or zooming it while maintaining seamless edges.

Spiral Graphics Releases 4th Free Texture Collection

The Genetica Viewer and texture collections can be downloaded from the Spiral Graphics site.

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