What is SMM? – The Rise of Social Media Marketing

3+ social media platforms you should be advertising on

When future generations talk about the era between 2000 and 2020, the rise of social media will be an important part of the discussion. Fundamentally, social media has changed how we interact with our friends, acquaintances and the world.

What is social media marketing?

News and shopping have become part of the social media landscape with articles and offers tailored to your interests displayed whenever you check your pages. Marketers have discovered that using social media marketing (SMM) allows even the smallest companies to compete with larger competition on an even playing field.

Targeted marketing with a limited customer base means that your company’s message (and advertising dollars) are aimed at an audience more inclined to buy what you are selling. Focused advertising increases the effectiveness of your campaign.

What is the difference between traditional and social media marketing?

Traditional marketing meant getting your message out to the largest number of people, hoping that some of them would listen and buy your product. Radio, television and print marketing spread a wide net to draw in customers, SMM takes a much narrower approach.

The amount of data generated by social media platforms can be staggering. Included in it is information about spending habits, interests and career. By parsing the data – sorting out what is important for your business – social media marketers can create ad campaigns designed to appeal to a smaller demographic leading to improved results.

Traditional marketing’s return on investment (ROI) has always been difficult to determine simply because the advertising net is cast very wide. It is difficult to determine how many people chose to buy because of specific marketing.  Comparatively, the results of focused marketing are easy to determine.

How can your business take advantage of SMM?

Determining a SMM strategy is simple, however what works for one company may not work for another. Your SMM strategy should be based on what your business does, who its targeted audience is and several other factors.

While an overarching strategy is desirable, simple plans can be implemented that target your current social media base while working toward a plan to connect with followers and potential customers on multiple social media sites:

  1. Instagram. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media sites currently in existence. The oft used phrase that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is close to the heart of Instagram’s current business model and should be part of your company’s plan to capitalize on customers using this social media platform.
  2. Facebook. The undisputed leader in social media, Facebook has made many revolutionary decisions in the creation and implementation of their website. One of the most controversial, at the time, was data mining their customers and selling the information to businesses. This decision has since paid off for them and many of the businesses who use this information.
  3. Twitter. The country’s current fascination with Twitter is less about the people who use it and more about how it offers an instant look at what people are thinking about. Whether it is politics, social issues, crime or business, Twitter offers the quickest way to make your point with a 140-character limit.
  4. Others. Social media websites and apps are constantly popping up. As soon as one grabs enough attention, the effect snowballs and there is a new player in the social media landscape. Some of them, such as Snapchat, find a niche and hold their market share, while others burst on the scene and then disappear quickly.

Since these social media platforms are different, each requires different tactics to be successful. Although your overall strategy will remain consistent, how you achieve your goals on different social media websites needs to be tailored to the platform.

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