What Is Responsive Web Design and What You Should Know About It [Infographic]

The key benefit of a responsive web design over a non-responsive web design is that it can be viewed anywhere, on any device with an internet connection (a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc). Thus, if you build a website you’d better make it responsive so it can easily adapt to different screen sizes and therefore be accessible to a wider audience.

Along with many other trends, the responsive trend is not likely to go away any time soon, unless people will stop using mobile phones and other options to connect to the Internet. So, why don’t you improve your knowledge in the field of responsive web design and also learn how to build responsive sites with the least effort? If you like the idea, please click here and you’ll see the dynamic inforgraphic that is all about responsive web design.

After checking the inforgaphic you will know the main principles of responsive design; what tools are necessary to create responsive sites; what articles, tutorials and free PDF books you should read; what the Google team and other experts advise regarding responsive web design, etc.

Actually, the inforgraphic is a perfect way to get into the world of RWD and we hope you will like it.

Responsive Web Design Infographic

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