Pligg 9.9.5 Email Validation Module

If you own or are familiar with Pligg then you know it has a huge problem with spam robots. This is mostly due to the fact that it hasn’t got an email validation module included.

Email Validation Module for Pligg 9.9.5


This module implements a mechanism for email confirmation on all the new registered users. The module doesn’t affect users registered before the plugin was installed. If a user doesn’t provide a valid email address or doesn’t activate his account he can’t submit stories.

The plugin doesn’t affect your template and works with any Pligg template you may use.

We use ourselves this plugin on our design social media website, zaBox. Actually the plugin was designed for zaBox. The results after applying the plugin were spectacular, virtually eliminating those nasty Pligg spam bots.

You can test the module on our website before installing it. Just go to and create an account.

If you have any more questions see our FAQ section.

How does it look for a user that registers ?

A user hits Register and is directed to the registration page where he fills the details (user name, email, password).

Pligg Email Validation Module Demo - Step 1

After he hits Create User it gets redirected to a page where he is asked to confirm his registration by clicking the confirmation link he received in the email inbox he provided on registration.

Pligg Email Validation Module Demo - Step 2

Pligg Email Validation Module Demo - Step 3

If the user tries to login and submit stories without validating his account he gets an error message.

Once the user clicks the email validation link in his email he gets redirected to the login page and a message is displayed informing the user that his account was activated and he can start submit stories.

Pligg Email Validation Module Demo - Step 4

How can I get the module ?

The module is available for selling on our website. Just go here for more info and purchase.

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