MTV Engine Room is recruiting designers

MTV and HP are recruiting designers from all over the world to join the Engine Room (reality show), a creative space where four teams (Europe, the US, Asia and Latin America) compete for a chance to win a top prize of $400,000 US Dollars (that’s right 400k) in cash plus a load of HP gear.

MTV and HP - Engine Room

The show films in New York starting 17th of July, and lasts for four weeks. Although it’s a reality show, it’s also a great chance for new talent to stand out from the crowd – and $400,000 is a decent kick start to any career!

The briefing about the show :

  • Engine Room” is a new MTV series which will be seen around the world.
  • MTV and HP are seeking digital artists (at least 18 years of age) from around the globe to compete in a series of creative challenges utilizing HP computers.
  • Once selected, 16 people will be flown to New York City commencing on or about July 18, 2008 through on or about August 16, 2008 (collectively, the “Filming Dates”). They will compete in teams of 4 participants each for prizes by creating animations, websites, short films, sound mixes and more in the “Engine Room“.
  • MTV and HP will cover incidental expenses (including flight and hotel) for those selected to participate in the “Engine Room” show.
  • The winning team will get $400,000 USD in cash and HP gear to be divided equally among the 4 teammates.
  • The casting ends June 30th.
  • For more information visit the MTV Engine Room Website.

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