8 Valuable Practices for Your Mobile E- Commerce Website

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We saw advancement in the web designing field in the last few years. New technologies have been introduced for the comfort of online users. This advancement in mobile websites has raised many new challenges also.

E-commerce websites are now mobile websites and they are bringing new technologies. We can see the new rules and older ones are replaced. The same is true for the websites. New web designs are replacing old designs very quickly. New websites are much more responsive. Here we are talking about best practices in e-commerce websites. These practices are really essential for a designer.

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1. Search Box Should be Easily Accessible

All Smartphone users are dependent on their search box. Designers of e-commerce websites must keep in mind this very important aspect. Surfing on a PC is different when we compare it with the surfing on the tablet and Smartphone. On Smartphone very little space is available for browsing so the complete focus is on the search box. She should be located in a place, which is clearly visible to the users. Moreover, search box should be available on every page, so that user can start browsing on every page. As an example we can take, a famous commercial website.

2. Availability of Social Media is Imperative to Spread the Word About

This is the Age of social media. People love to share their ideas, content and experiences on the social media websites. So, it is necessary for all e-commerce sites to have social media, no matter what is the industry. Many surveys have shown the results that if a person has good online experience, he will share through online social media websites. People share their experience about a particular product, or they comment about a product or write reviews about them. Companies like to have feedback about their products. Search engines also value this user experience. Facebook, Twitter and Google plus are some famous websites, when it comes to social media websites.

3. Flexibility Plays Integral Part in Overall Design

Screen resolutions are important, but we cannot rely on that only. Many devices make internet accessible. A few years back we can assess internet only through computers and other portable devices. These days, it’s not only limited to computers but Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other similar gadgets are also added to this list. All these devices can display different resolutions having different text. Designers cannot change all factors and they can make some changes in a website.

4. Changeable Layouts and Grids are Important

Focus on a device is not important rather a browser and its abilities should be the center of attention. For a responsive website, changeable layouts are important. The website should be flexible to change the look according to the gadget, on which users are accessing it. When the screen size changes the grids change their sizes automatically. We can take Simple grid as an example of such layouts.

The same rule is applied to figures also. When columns change their size, the images should also change automatically. This is important to make them readable. Images can either be entirely resized or just cropped to show the important details.

5. Customer Services and Mobile

Customer services are important either they are provided by the people personally or otherwise. In the last decade, internet consumer services have also gained importance and a large number of organizations has collaborated this facility in their business. Zappos took this service seriously and they utilized Twitter to provide customer services to their customers. Many other companies also followed the same line. Now a day, a large number of customers want online services as the internet is easily accessible. It also leads to the mobile customer services, as it offers great results. Quick interaction and quality products are what e-commerce site is all about. Zappos has taken the advantage and now it is a successful company.

7. Accept the Change in Online Global World

The world of technology is changing at a fast pace, highly demanding things will be outdated after a year or two. Designers and big companies should be ready to accept the change in market trends, particularly when it comes to mobile phones. A customer changes his mobile phone after nearly two years, generally. So, we can say that Smartphone market changes in different parts of the world after two years, nearly. Retailers observe this situation and they have to find out the opportunities and threats. But, as these practices have a lot of potential so they have the ability to deliver positive results.

8. ROI and Mobile Commerce

Consumers do not pay much attention to the mobile commerce, the reason is companies don’t want to try new methods, rather they prefer their traditional methods. Many current surveys show that people who use the internet on mobile phones are increasing in number and soon it will be equal to those who access internet through PCs and laptops. Many studies show that ROI is closely linked with mobile commerce. For instance, iPhone apps, presented on eBay have earned $400 million in sales for the company in one year. Similarly, Pandora is getting famous as one out of the ten Smartphone users, listen to it.

For people interested to design the great websites themselves without going into the complications of web design learning process the best way is to use online website builders. These softwares let everyone design their own site within few minutes. But before you move onto any website building software it is better to have a look at website builder reviews so that you can take the best decision in this regard.

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