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There was a time when every business person carried a pack of business cards for handing out to new acquaintances, some of whom would never use them anyway. It was a kind of ritual that obliged its participants to spend some time on manually transferring contact details from those cards to a more appropriate storage. Thankfully times have changed, and now you can make such information easily accessible from anywhere by keeping it on the Web.

Welcome to, a brand new mini-site for keeping your virtual business card! Hopefully, it will make those fancy pieces of cardboard obsolete and, ultimately, save your time—and maybe some trees too! Here you can keep much more information than your basic contact details. Feel free to build up a portfolio—identify your key strengths and demonstrate your talents! Moreover, makes it easy for you to set up connections with other users, so it’s a right place for networking and developing new professional opportunities.

About IdentyMe

Creating my first Virtual Business Card proved to be a piece of cake. I must say, it even looks much better when my “real” old business card. When decorating your webpage, you’ve got lots of themes to choose from—if you don’t like the free ones, you can always buy something special.

Take a look at your virtual card’s five sections: Home, Résumé, Portfolio, Social, and Contacts.
In the Home section, you keep basic information about yourself, such as your occupation, interests, e-mail address, website, and so on; there is also a link to make it easy for other users to download all the data in the vCard format.


Résumé is, as the name implies, the section where you keep your résumé; you can either upload it as a document or fill in the fields on the online form (occupation, industry, languages, skills, rates, and so on).


Portfolio is, so far, just an image gallery, which you can use as you like. For example, if you are a model, it’s a nice place to show off the best pictures of yourself; if you are a web designer, you will probably fill the gallery with your favorite webpage designs; if you are a computer geek, you may display the characters from your favorite TV series (if I were a geek, The IT Crowd would be just cool).

Social Networks

The Social section is for keeping links to your profile pages in social networks and similar services (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), so that other users have a few options for getting in touch with you.

In the Contacts section you can store your contact data, such as your phone number, e-mail address, and instant messenger ID. There is a contact form in the bottom, which provides an extra option for those who might prefer to communicate with you directly via (which can make things easier in some cases).


If you have a lot of social profiles and contacts that you would like to unite and stop wasting time for searching, IdentyMe is perfect for you. IdentyMe is an easy to use contact management resource that also combines the ability to store and share profiles to more than 100 social media services, daily events and many other services as well. We did our best to make access to your important information as easy and convenient as it could be.

You can use IdentyMe either for free or for a monthly fee. There are three packages: Basic (free), Plus, and Maximum. If you choose Basic, you can keep up to 100 images and up to 10 social profiles. However, you may want to go for Plus ($5 a month) or for Maximum ($19 a month), which not only provide the place for more images and social profiles, but also give you the option to add videos. has lots of various features, some of which are helpful, while others simply amazing! For example, you can specify your own domain name (not just, which is just wonderful for a business person. You can also set up Google Analytics to use with your IdentyMe account, which makes tracking the number of views pretty easy. Compare that to handing out plain old business cards, not being sure where they will ultimately land (maybe in someone’s trash can?). Another good thing with is that you can set up levels of privacy: For each piece of information, you can define who is allowed to view it. (Say, you might not want to display your home phone number for everyone to see, but only to show it to the people on your contact list.) Some widgets have been recently released, which enable you to post your vCard link almost anywhere on the Web (for example, as part of your signature on a blog or forum). Hopefully, an IdentyMe application for mobile phones will be developed soon, too.

As you can see, IdentyMe looks like a great online service for keeping an up-to-date virtual business card and managing your contacts. It already has got enough themes—with more coming—to satisfy anyone’s particular needs. IdentyMe is extremely user-friendly, so you can start using it right away, not spending time on learning new tricks. And don’t forget that in the business world, everything counts. Who knows, IdentyMe might eventually help you get a new job that you always wanted or win a contract. Ultimately, it’s probably what you need to stand out from the crowd!

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