How to Use POS Tech to Drive Loyalty and Sales

It’s time for another year of business, and with it, more chances to impress customers and increase their loyalty to your brand. How can you do that with just a cash register, though? The short answer is you can’t. Lucky for you, POS software is here to help. This simple but powerful software is utilized by businesses all over the world for eCommerce, in-store transactions, and more.

Can a POS system really overhaul your customer service and increase loyalty? When you find a POS software that can do it all, you’re giving your business the ultimate tool for success. Here’s how to use POS tech to drive loyalty and sales.

Improve the Connection to Customers

How you connect with your customers is the first part of increasing loyalty among your patrons. A business that is out of sight is out of mind for the most part, so you want to be sure that your business remains at the forefront of the customers’ minds. How do you do that?

With your POS software, you can collect customer information. Everything from email addresses and phone numbers can be stored in your terminal, and from there, you can remain in constant contact via promotions, emails, and more.

Customers want to know that the brands they trust care about them, and what better way to show you care than by sending a discount or promotion for a customer’s favorite product? The more customized your marketing is, the more likely a customer is to appreciate (and then use) the promotions you’re sending them.

Make Payment Processing Easier and Quicker

Make no mistake; you will lose sales if your lines are long and arduous. In fact, customers are more likely to put down their items and walk out of a store if the lines are too long! According to a study in 2018, long lines cost retailers an estimated 37 billion dollars overall. That’s right; billions of dollars are being lost because of long lines.

Luckily, a POS system with mobile capability can reduce those lines and make the checkout process twice as fast. POS is designed to increase the speed and reliability of your payment processing, so you can be sure that customers are moving through lines with ease.

Some software even syncs to the cloud, so when the internet goes down, you can still store information that will then be uploaded once a connection is re-established.

Manage a Loyalty Program

Customers love to be rewarded for their loyalty, and the loyalty account has become something of a staple in the retail word. Businesses that offer loyalty programs for customers are much more likely to keep their current customer base while simultaneously attracting new customers. Not to mention, companies with a loyalty program can generate anywhere from 12 to 18% more revenue than their competitors.

POS software allows you to manage your loyalty accounts directly from the terminal, so you can reward customers from within the software itself. These discounts and loyalty rewards will be connected to a customer account, where you can also view things like purchase history to get a better idea of who your customers are.

Increase the Functionality of Your Business

A dysfunctional business simply can’t succeed in this world of ever-increasing competition, and dysfunction comes in many forms. Whether you’ve got poor management, staff that don’t get along, or you’re using outdated tools and methods, it’s time to trust your functionality to the power of a POS solution.

Inventory, staffing, finances, and much more can be managed from the terminal, and cloud-based options give you the ability to view and manage everything within the software from anywhere in the world. Now that’s flexibility.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that customers don’t notice things like dysfunction, especially if they’ve come to expect a certain standard and you start delivering below that standard. They are always watching.

Leveraging Data for Better Decisions

Are you collecting any data on your sales or customer visits? Hourly sales numbers? Yearly sales numbers? No? It’s time to start collecting this data so you can get a better idea of how your business runs and be able to make better decisions. How can you do that? You guessed it!

A POS system will track things like hourly sales and generate custom reports based on timeframes, individual products, and more. You can print and share these reports with your management team and essentially have greater insight into how the business runs. With this useful information, your decisions will always be backed by facts rather than educated guesses.

POS for the Future

The future looks bright for POS software, and with hundreds of thousands of businesses taking full advantage of the software’s incredible features, you’re getting left behind. Find a POS system for your business today so you can move into the future with confidence.

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