How To Drive Website Traffic Through Instagram

Entrepreneurs create websites to establish an online presence for their brands. This strategy allows them to market their products and services through digital platforms. In turn, a successful business website helps companies establish their credibility and increase customer loyalty.


Website traffic measures the popularity of each web page within a site. With that, high traffic means websites receive simultaneous search requests from users. Thus, the number of page viewers turns into the opportunities businesses have at generating leads.


With recent technological innovation, prospective consumers flock over to social media platforms to interact with their favorite brands. As an entrepreneur, you must use these channels to attract more website visitors. So, this article provides you with four surefire strategies to increase your website traffic by establishing an Instagram account.



Understand The Power Of Hashtags


As Instagram users click on a hashtag, they reach a gallery of top and latest posts that use that specific word. Then, they can explore each related post and visit the accounts of the content creators. In turn, this approach is an excellent way for marketers to attract more audiences and receive additional followers.


Leveraging the power of this tactic means using relevant hashtags to bring more eyeballs into your professional account. Additionally, you must collect a list of hashtags that work best for your content so you can duplicate them in the future. Furthermore, you should continuously look for trendy hashtags with the help of Instagram growth services.


While you might be tempted to use all trending topics to increase your content viewers, you must assess if the hashtag relates to your niche. As you seek new hashtags, you must consider if each hashtag will add value to your caption. Also, you shouldn’t stuff your posts with too many hashtags as you might not be able to attract your target audience.


Aside from using trendy hashtags, each hashtag must send out clear messages to your prospective clients. More so, the hashtag should fit the Instagram marketing campaign you intend to use. In turn, you’ll receive a higher number of clicks on the website links you attach to your Instagram bio.


Regularly Post Engaging Content


The Instagram algorithm will successfully work in your favor if you regularly produce engaging media. That said, you’ll have to incorporate scheduling so you can post different content at the same time. Doing so allows you to make use of your followers’ time on social media, which boosts your chances of gaining additional website traffic.


As you create engaging content, you must focus on delivering it during the best time of the day. That said, you must determine when your followers engage the most with your account. If you’re unsure of the peak times of your viewers, you should overview your Instagram insights.


Instagram insights will provide you with the most specific details about your followers. This information includes their age range, gender, and location. Knowing this data allows you to curate highly engaging content, helping you drive more traffic to your website.


Reach Out To Influencers


Influencer marketing is an outstanding way to quickly grow your brand’s Instagram account.  This strategy allows influencers to introduce your products to their existing audience. In turn, this marketing tactic amplifies brand awareness and earns higher revenues.


You can find successful influencers in your niche by checking popular hashtags. Alternatively, you can visit the pages of your competitors and see if any influencer follows them. In addition, you may consider partnering with your top fans so you won’t have to introduce your brand to them.


Experiment With Various Content Types


Experimenting allows you to determine which media type works best for your audience. That said, you may consider looking over the content of your competitors. Doing so will help you identify the most favorable mix of videos and photos within your niche.


Depending on your industry, you should try curating your content caption with snippets and links to your blog. This strategy highlights the knowledge and expertise of your organization, which establishes your brand reputation. In addition, you may consider getting a content calendar tool that allows you to visualize how and when you should connect with your followers.


Another media type you must consider is visual content, which revolves around image creation. This strategy is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience because you won’t need to invest in an expensive camera. With that, you may use your smartphone cameras to capture stunning images and easily edit them with free apps.


Another way to promote your website is by regularly producing video content. So, as you use your existing smartphone, you must try to record videos of your products. Additionally, you can conduct weekly live streaming events and allow your audience to ask questions about your brand.


One excellent way to gain the trust of your followers is by posting positive customer reviews using your IG stories. As you add more testimonials, you must store them inside a ‘Customer Feedback’ highlight. Doing so helps your new Instagram page visitors to interact with your content, which pushes them to click on your website.


Key Takeaway


Website traffic is an essential business component. That said, entrepreneurs should use these Instagram marketing strategies to gain more page visitors. In turn, you’ll receive more prospective clients who are likely to ensure the success of your organization.


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