How a bad hosting company can impact your business website

With the throng of websites on the internet vying for people’s attention, it will be hard to stand out if you don’t have an appealing or dependable business website. Investing in building your own website and acquiring a reliable domain and web hosting provider are some of the things you must do right to make your business grow.

A bad hosting company can make a billion-dollar plan become merely a far-off reality very quickly. As it can literally destroy the business and burn investment. In this article, we will discuss how a bad web host can affect your company and why you should only sign up with known and trusted providers.

Makes your website slow and disappoint visitors. No one likes slow–loading websites. More than 47% of shoppers want websites to load in under 2 seconds. Also, websites that take more than 3 seconds to load can expect at least 40% of visitors to leave.

A whopping 50% of people agree that they cannot trust a website that takes too long to load. Buying a domain and hosting with a bad host can make your website super slow, and as you can see, it will destroy your credibility, trust, reputation and plummet your conversions.

If you want a successful website, then host with a trusted company you know locally like the web host and provider of domain Malaysia has. This will benefit you with the excellent loading speed and satisfy all of your customers.

Your investment may be wasted. Your money can go to waste with a bad hosting provider. How? By form of conversions. For instance, let’s say you have a big e-commerce website generating $100,000 USD sales daily. What would you do if you realized that a 1-second delay is losing you $2.5 million USD annually?

This example lets you understand the damage bad hosting can cause to your website, and the same is true even for small business websites. Don’t allow a bad hosting plan to steal your money, especially when you can get a domain name and hosting bundle from reliable providers.

Say goodbye to ranking. Google considers more than 200+ variables when ranking a website, and your hosting is a factor since because if your web host is sharing your IP with toxic and bad websites (porn, illegal, casino, spam, etc.), your rankings will also tank and your efforts and investment will be wasted.

It will destroy customer trust. As you know, it is very easy to lose a customer’s trust from virtually any bad situation. Slow website load speed, constant downtimes and a terrible user–experience is the perfect way to tank your reputation online and scare potential clients away. In a nutshell, bad hosting can utterly destroy the trust with your customers.

There you have it. Right now, you should have a clearer understanding of why you need to be very careful when choosing hosting for your website. How can potential customers trust your services if you are not giving the user-experience they deserve in the first place?

Ready to take your business online and sell internationally? How about locally? Whatever the case, you can find the best available domain Malaysia has right now by visiting Crazy Domains, which offers integrated services from a fantastic web-builder to top-rated web hosting. Check it out!

What other negative effects of bad hosting do you know (or currently experiencing?) Tell us in the comments below!


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