Graphic Design on cars … do it with style

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7 Responses

  1. boogiesbc says:

    remarcable collection.

    boogiesbcs last blog post : Big Buck Bunny superb and funny animation

  2. Webagentur says:

    Really very beautiful pictures. Of this I would also like a few.

  3. blueocto says:

    Some beautiful pieces there, but I would have said they were more artwork than graphic design 🙂

  4. Chiru says:


  5. Jeremy Gilbert says:

    Car lettering can be placed on the vehicle’s window, as well as the
    body. If you design your lettering in the right way and install it all
    over the vehicle, this can look similar to a car wrap as well. Work with
    your paint color by choosing contrasting lettering, but keep in mind
    that lettering has to be one-color.


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